I’d like to propose a new motto for the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. I propose that we change the “HOPE” on the flag to “DEMAND.”  After all, to demand good things from a lively experiment is so much more instructive than hoping for good things to come out of it.

I demand this lively experiment to work. I demand this new government to be better than the rule of King George. I demand that our elected representatives serve the interests of the majority of their constituents to the best of their abilities.

Maybe the lively experiment was doomed the moment the people decided on the state motto of “HOPE.” I hope this lively experiment works. Gee, I hope this new government is going to be better than the rule of King George.  If I were there when it was adopted, I would have pointed out that it was contradictory to our name – Rogue Island.  Why would these proud rebellious pioneers with such a well deserved reputation sum up all of their hard labors and hard fought dreams in the founding of the colony with the word “HOPE” and then place it for all the world to see, on their State Flag?

No, in the proud tradition of Rogue Island, “DEMAND” should be our motto.  It puts the people in the frame of mind that they need to be in.  I demand that we Revive our rightful status as our government’s Creators.  I demand that we Remove all those that refuse to accept this fact.  And I demand that we Restore our constitutional Republic.

I also “DEMAND” that the people do this,  not for themselves, but for our posterity.


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