In 2012, the US Census Bureau estimated that there were 1,050,292 people in the State of Rhode Island. The Children’s Defense Fund also documents that, at that time, there were 226,825 children under the age to vote in Rhode Island.

1,050,292 – 226,825  = 823,467 adults of voting age

The office of the Rhode Island Board of Elections provided me with the total number of registered voters for the 2012 election 732,236.

823,467  – 732,236 = 91,231 adults who are not registered

Of the 732,236 registered voters, only 450,028 actually showed up to vote in the 2012 general election.

732,236 – 450,028  = 282,208 registered adults who did not vote in the election

282,208 registered voters who did not vote added to the estimated 91,231 adults not registered to vote equal 373,439 adults who have given up on the process, or may have lost their right to vote.  282,208 + 91,231 = 373,439 adults who did not vote

In 2010, Lincoln Chafee, the independent candidate for governor, received 123,571 votes, John Robitaille the republican received 114,911, Frank Caprio, the democrat received 78,896 and Ken Block, the moderate received 22,146 votes. Oh, one more thing – the turnout for this election was only 342,290, which means that we can add about 110,000 more voters who did not vote in the gubernatorial race of 2010.

342,290 + 110,000 = 452,290 who did not vote in the 2010 election

IF YOU ARE ONE OF THESE RHODE ISLANDERS WHO JUST DID NOT VOTE, YOU AND THE OTHERS WHO HAVE GIVEN UP ON THE PROCESS, ARE THE POLITICAL MAJORITY IN THE STATE OF RHODE ISLAND and you could have, if you banded together, handed the election in this state to anyone in Rhode Island you collectively chose. And those same type of numbers can be reproduced in almost every district; in every race; and in every state of this country.

We are the power in this State and Country, but they don’t want us to realize it. That is why, as soon as the media calls a winner in an election, the actual vote is turned into a percentage of the people who actually voted – and not a number which is a percentage of the percentage of actual votes.

All we’re asking you to do is to consider registering to vote if you are not presently registered, or make sure that your current registration is up to date and you have the proper identification in order to have your vote count.  Remember, we’re not asking you to vote. We’re asking you to help us send a message to the political elite of this state that we are the true majority and we are now the ones in power.      

Think about it. Then read OUR PLAN on how we intend to use it to Revive, Remove, and Restore the State of Rhode Island and the municipal governments to their rightful status as our servants and not we theirs.


2 thoughts on “LET THE GAMES BEGIN ©

  1. William B. Palazzo commented on LET THE GAMES BEGIN

    In 2012, the US Census Bureau estimated that there were 1,050,292 people in the State of Rhode Island. The Children’s Defense …

    You have to realize that most RI Voters are Idiots. They will vote for the Incumbent time after time. Lying doesn’t bother them, stealing doesn’t bother them, corruption doesn’t bother them, and scandals don’t bother them… As long as the person is a Democrat. they will Blindlessly vote for him/her without question.

    • William,

      First of all I’m sorry that your comment took so long to post. I’m just learning how wordpress works.

      Yes, you’re right. Most Rhode Islanders just don’t care anymore and that is exactly what this blog is all about. If and when they begin to believe that what they think and do matters, I have no doubts that they will pay more attention.

      And as far as voting for Democrats; who cares? Democratic voters in this State are still the minority, with the MAJORITY being those who have given up all together on voting.

      Not if, but WHEN we get people to come back into the voting process, party affiliations will mean nothing. It will be the candidates themselves and the promises they keep.


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