Fed Up in RI©

‘Like rabid dogs, running in packs…

they have now become the ‘Public threat’ GG ©

What do we do when our political system has ceased to be our servant, and has become our master while masquerading on the lies of representing us?

We stop spitting in the wind and take the next step and decide to fight fire with fire, because immediate action is necessary and long overdue.

What incumbents need to be made absolutely sure about is that we remember their ‘public betrayals’ and that the people are fed up with their continued utter lack of representation.

The majority of our legislators sell their votes for whatever the leadership tells them and they don’t care whether the majority of their constituents agree or disagree with them. They trade votes for favors and jobs for relatives in the State House like kids trade snacks at recess. They no longer represent the interests of the hard working taxpayers or business owners left in this state, instead they pander to their base of takers – not the makers, because they’re in it for votes for themselves.

Rhode Island government, municipal and state, have gone deaf when it comes to listening to the wishes of it’s people, regardless of the outward impression they give of fighting for them. Each year, the evidence that businesses are leaving Rhode Island or avoid locating here because of the high cost of doing business due to excessive state taxes, highest corporate tax rates and over-regulation, grows. It’s the small and medium sized businesses that take the hit.

They proved their lack of concern for our wishes last session, despite overwhelming majority opposition to the 38 Studios bailout/coverup; and then again with the ignoring of the outcry over bridge tolls.

In essence, our political system has become that of a high school clique.  Although on a grander scale, they function the same. The clique chooses who’s in and who’s out.  Who’s targeted and ruined or embraced and rewarded.  Bullies at best and thieves at worst, when the clique speaks, those who fear – listen.  And for those who don’t…

NO CAKE FOR YOU! (as Gordy would say)

And so, as with 38 Studios, the clique picked the winners and they picked the losers. When the majority of the taxpayers objected to being “the losers” for payments to private bondholders, they were shunned and ignored – because the clique takes care of it’s own. And so It goes, it doesn’t matter what the issue is, if the ruling cliques inside or outside our State House ordain it…it will be done, because in Rhode Island it’s not only votes that are purchased…it’s people. 

The 38 Studios payment to the bondholders, for a moral obligation debt that the people of this state do not owe, and never got to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed Right to Vote on, are the last straws in the massive haystack of indignations which I now intend to set ablaze.

The $2.5 million appropriation attached to this years budget is just the foot in the door. The projected shortfall in revenue for fiscal year 2014 is $170 million and the next payment to the 38 Studios bondholders will be $12.5 million – and $12.5 million thereafter for 6 additional years. And what are We the People getting for this hard earned tax money? Absolutely nothing! (except more taxes) This precedent that the majority of our state elected officials are attempting to perpetrate on us to make us assume a private entities defaulted obligation, to pay for a ‘non-public’ purpose is immoral and unconstitutional.

They’ve shown us, it doesn’t matter how many letters are written, phone calls made, testimonies given or petitions signed, it likens to spitting in the wind. That is why what we continue to witness is, even though our Representatives may occupy their seats, the majority is not being represented by them.

Therefore, one of our plans is to target all incumbents who publicly betrayed the people in voting for the 38 Studios bailout, through a counter offensive against them during their re-election campaigns.

I’ve decided that I can not sit back and assume that someone else will step forward, because I’m Fed up – and unwilling to put up with it any longer. How about you?

By Gloria Garvin



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Fed up – Unable or unwilling to put up with something any longer.

adj.   The American Heritage® Dictionary


2 thoughts on “WELCOME

    • Names of 38 Studios bond holders are:

      “Two Boston outfits, Northern Trust and State Street Bank & Trust Co., hold the largest shares, $38.3 million and $20 million, respectively. Bank of New York Mellon, the EDC’s trustee for the bond sale, holds $3.1 million — about half jointly with SunTrust Bank. SunTrust holds another $1.5 million in bonds separately. Raymond James holds $1.3 million. Wells Fargo holds $1 million. US Bank holds $500,000, JP Morgan Chase holds $340,000, Charles Schwab holds $100,000 and Bank New York subsidiary Pershing LLC holds $50,000.”

      (as reported on April 4th, 2013 in the Providence Journal)

      Typically, these firms hold the bonds on behalf of their own investors, therefore, the actual individual bondholders (clients) – remain anonymous. The State of Rhode Island chose to sell them as “PRIVATE OFFERINGS” further ensuring their confidentiality.

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