Mattiello’s actions today puts new meaning into the phrase “they eat their own.” He didn’t wait for the ink to dry on the search warrants, nor Fox to take his last breath before he made his contacts, got their blessings and with tears in his eyes for his brother and fellow leader, started his carnivorous attack on the wounded Fox.


We, at Fed Up in RI, do not wish the Fox or Mattiello well in his quest to fill the void which is left now that the Fox has succumb to the assault.

Are there 38 members of the Rhode Island House of Representatives who have the courage to resist the powers that be?  All that’s really needed is for 18, or so, courageous 38 studios goats to reconsider their betrayal and join the 20 heroes who voted against the unconstitutional budget with the unconstitutional payment.

Just 18 or so who are ready to revoke the old ways of doing business in the State House  and who are willing to chart a new direction? I’m here to tell you all that things are about to change in Rhode Island and we’re not going to care if you’re a Democrat, a Republican, or a Green Martian.  We are going to demand that whatever your proclivity, you vote constitutionally first; majority of your constituents second; and whatever is left third.

I hope, for all of your political sakes, that you listen to the advice I’m giving you here.  Some of you have done some good work up there, but from now on, the people are watching!


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