The  Stooges



noun \ˈstüj\: a weak or unimportant person who is controlled by a powerful person, organization, etc.

merriam-webster dictionary

Rep. Joseph A. Trillo (R-24) Warwick

Rep. Doreen Marie Costa (R-31) North Kingstown

Rep. Brian C. Newberry (R-48) North Smithfield

Rep. Michael W. Chippendale (R-40) Foster

Rep. Antonio Giarrusso (R-30) East Greenwich

Five of the six members of the House GOP, voted this past week for Nicholas A. Mattiello as the new Speaker of the House.  The same Nicholas Mattiello who, as former majority leader pushed last years budget through containing the unconstitutional appropriation for the 38 Studios bailout with his strong arm tactics and back room deals, and because of that, all six members of the House GOP voted against the 2014 budget.

What a difference a session makes!  Now, five of those same six members believe he represents the best hope for change.  The change being – that last year Mattiello only succeeded in plundering $2.5 million from the taxpayers…this year he wants $12.5 million!


This handful of Republican stooges bought right into the program and missed a golden opportunity to stand their ground and publicly draw the line in the sand again, that they did not support the 38 Studios bailout payment incorporated in the Budget and cannot support anyone who does.

Instead, Rep. Joe Trillo was enlisted as Ambassador of their ‘Re-branding public perception campaign’ with Rep. Doreen Costa serving as their ‘Poster child’.  Really?

Don’t you get it?  The People are looking for leadership.  Real leadership only displayed by Rep. Patricia L. Morgan, (R-26) of West Warwick in abstaining and not voting for either Mattiello or Marcello – who both supported and continue to support taxpayer payments to the 38 studios bondholders.

What about “NOT YIELDING THE FIELD” do these Representatives not understand?





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