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“Article IV, Section 16.  Borrowing power of general assembly. — The general assembly shall have no powers, without the express consent of the people, to incur state debts to an amount exceeding fifty thousand dollars, except in time of war, or in case of insurrection or invasion; nor shall it in any case, without such consent, pledge the faith of the state for the payment of the obligations of others. This section shall not be construed to refer to any money that may be deposited with the state by the government of the United States.”

This means that the General Assembly may incur debt in an amount over $50,000 – without voter approval –  in cases of “time of war” and  “of insurrection,” but it cannot under any circumstances “incur debt” for the “payment of the obligation of others” “without such consent.”

38 studios

When the General Assembly voted to pass the budget containing the $2.5 million 38 Studios bondholders bailout appropriation, and when Governor Chafee signed it into law, your Right to Vote (express consent of the people) was confiscated from you and this government stepped outside of the constitutional limitations our forefathers placed upon it and which this General Assembly and Governor all swore an oath to uphold.  They are guilty of malfeasance (knowingly), or misfeasance (unknowingly) of office and the budget is being allocated for this year under “Color of Law,” outside of the Constitution and it’s limitations.  It is not law, but merely a confiscatory scheme posing under ‘color of law’ by custom and usage in deliberately circumventing citizen’s approvals through voter referendums. Like here in Rhode Island, virtually every state in the country is facing the same type of misappropriations under the moral obligation schemes, with the same disastrous consequences.

We, the founders of FED UP in RI, filed a timely Remonstrance with Governor Chafee, which was also filed with Senate President Paiva-Weed and House Speaker Fox and sent to all Representatives of the General Assembly, prior to the budget being signed into law – warning the Governor and the General Assembly members of the associated consequences for their actions.

Therefore, the Remonstrance serves in preserving the issues complained of; on behalf of all Rhode Islander’s, in maintaining future judicial standing.  Of paramount importance is, that it documents that we timely objected to these illegal actions, and did not waive – through acquiescence – any constitutionally protected rights or future remedies available under the law.

View the entire Remonstrance email here.



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