We need to start asking why?…“Rhode Island has the highest percentage of people who made plans for suicide and attempts at suicide, according to a federal survey reported in the Providence Journal, “RI ranks No. 1 in suicide plans and attempts” By Felice Freyer”

Based on in-person interviews of adults 18 and older, the survey found that 2.8 percent of Rhode Islanders made plans for suicide, compared with a low of 0.1 percent in Georgia and a U.S. average of 1 percent. Asked whether they had attempted suicide, 1.5 percent of Rhode Islanders interviewed said they had. The lowest rate was 0.1 percent in Georgia and the national average was 0.5 percent.

When are we gonna get it?
It’s not a Democrat or Republican thing…

The bigger government gets…the more dysfunctional it becomes!
The more dysfunctional it becomes…
the bigger it says it needs to get!

Perpetuating problems not solving them is its’ necessary agenda and life-blood.

There’s a problem when the State and Federal governments are the largest employers – paid for by the private sector!

Public employees now far outweigh the private sector in higher pay and benefits, while the private sector see their jobs disappearing!

When are we gonna get it?

Those in government have consolidated their wealth by “liberalizing” their own activities for their own, while diminishing our wealth through more and more regulations, taxes, and laws.
Ask your congressmen…they’ll tell you, they’re a lot richer today because of it!

They belong to the Millionaires Club aka Public Sector!

The truth is, our Government has been co-opted by the corporate-financier oligarchy. They know it, and hope the majority still sleeps in ignorance and apathy.

When are we  gonna get it?
It’s NOT a Democrat or Republican thing…


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