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On June 29th, 2012, in an interview on WPRI 12 Newsmakers, Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts, chair of the RI Healthcare Reform Commission, who helped implement the federal ObamaCare program in Rhode Island, referred to the new Law as;

“THE NEW WORLD ORDER HEALTH CARE”…Because that’s what it is.

Universal coverage is a scheme of nationwide enslavement and was never really about health care but federalism — the authority of the federal government vs. the betrayal of individual and states’ rights.

According to the U.S. Supreme Court, the federal government has the power to force you to buy private goods and services. Now that this door has been opened, what else will we be forced to buy in the future?

What we have is a Supreme Court that is dominated by judges that have very little respect for the U.S. Constitution. They simply do whatever they want to do and they make up whatever reasons they can to justify their decisions. In fact, just about every major decision by the U.S. Supreme Court over the last 40 years has been bad for America. But It’s now gone from bad to worse.

Most people who support this don’t really understand what it will mean for them. What needs to be understood is, when you accept ‘socialized’ medicine, decisions regarding your health are made by others.  NOT YOU.

In order to institute the infamous “individual mandate,” ObamaCare bribed each state to set up what is known as a Health Insurance Exchange. Without a state-created exchange, the individual mandate could not be enforced.

And once our state created its exchange, which was done by Governor Chafee through ‘Executive Order’ and NOT through Representative votes of the General Assembly, it remains in place – even if the mandate is overturned.

State Exchanges mean mandated, government-run health care, and Rhode Island was the first State to boldly implement its through an Executive Order, thereby silencing the will of the people by violating the rights of the General Assembly to vote on its implementation.

Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars were used to develop ObamaCare Exchanges. Your taxpayer dollars are being wasted, and you are footing the bill while they steal your freedoms, bypassed your consent and now mandate you to comply. Hows that for CONTROL.

However, there are strings attached to the bribe money. Accepting the money requires the state to submissively surrender sovereignty on all health care issues.

Now that the State Exchange is up and running, the federal money will dry up – and the state will have to pick up the tab. Your state taxes will have to be increased in order to keep paying for it.  (But wait-a- minute, because your state rep didn’t get a chance to vote – you didn’t consent!)

Is this starting to sound a whole lot like England under King George…we all know what that eventually led to ~

Make no mistake, the federal government will control every aspect of your health care.

Yet, they claim that the R. I. Health Care Exchange will protect Rhode Island citizens from undue federal regulation. The opposite is actually true. Creation of the Exchange does great harm and forces onerous federal regulations on our state because;

The Health Insurance Exchanges are Federal Takeover Centers, not marketplaces. The federal government controls the health plans and the benefits—and oversees patient care.

Exchanges will also become single-seller bureaucracies where only government approved health plans are sold and no real “market” exists. It is expected that all people in the future will be required to buy insurance from the Exchange aka ‘MONOPOLY’.

States lose.  State-run exchanges will hide the federal takeover; enable federal access to state-held data on citizens, patients and providers; and shift the annual millions in cost of operating the exchange to State taxpayers.

All Exchanges are really Federal Exchanges. State-run Exchanges must follow the federal law and all federal rules. They are required to report annually to the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) and are under control of HHS.

State-run Exchanges are part of a National Exchange. State exchanges are 50 state-named website portals of a national system. They are extensions of the federal government into each state through the “Federal Data Services Hub,” which will receive and share private data. Data entered online to buy insurance is sent for verification through the Federal Data Services Hub (“Hub”) to at least five federal agencies, and compared with myriad state databases and data systems made accessible to the Hub by state government.

The Exchange is a national registration and enforcement tool. The National Exchange (with 50 website portals) will register the insurance status of every citizen and allow the IRS to enforce the penalty-tax for refusing to buy health insurance. The purpose is universal coverage — national health care. Registration takes place through purchase of insurance or online registration of an exemption.

The Exchange will create an unprecedented tracking system. Whether they pay taxes to the Federal government or not, everyone must annually register with the IRS either on their own through the Exchange or through their employer.  State governments are already considering how to “pre-populate” the exchange using other databases such as state taxpayers, voting registration, and vital statistics.

The Exchange will enable ObamaCare fines. Employers face significant fines if even one of their employees buys health insurance on a state-based Exchange.

The Exchanges will expand Medicaid and build middle-class dependency. All persons and families up to 400% of federal poverty levels (FPL) will be enrolled into Medicaid (up to 138% FPL) or be able to receive a taxpayer-funded premium subsidy to buy health insurance. In 2012, 400% FPL is $44,680 for an individual and $92,200 for a family of four.

“Federally-facilitated exchanges” are a facade meant to deceive. The FFE will have a state name (i.e. Rhode Island Exchange) but operations will be conducted by the federal government—leaving the public in the dark about the federal takeover.

Redistribution of Wealth to Health Plans. Fully 98% of the new spending under the federal health reform law goes directly to health plans approved by the government to offer health insurance on the Exchanges.  Approximately $1 trillion will be transferred from taxpayers to health plans through federal premium subsidies offered on the Exchanges and through the expansion of Medicaid through the Exchanges. (Bloomberg.com)

The “Clawback.” Individuals signing up for insurance on an Exchange must estimate annual income for the coming year. If it’s between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level (FPL), federal premium subsidies are available to help cover the cost. However, if the income is greater or family status has changed, the IRS can ask for all or part of the subsidy to be repaid. Thus, “If you received a subsidy based on a prediction that your income was 350% FPL and it later turns out your income is $1 above 400% FPL—you have to pay 100% of the premium subsidy back,” according to Inside Health Insurance Exchanges.

Risk Scoring of Individuals. Under the Obamacare Exchange “risk adjustment” regulation, states are required to analyze data and calculate individual risk scores on all persons: “Individual risk score means a relative measure of predicted health care costs for a particular enrollee that is the result of a risk adjustment model.”

Gaming the System. Health plans with the sickest enrollees receive more health care dollars. According to an expert cited in LDI Health Economist, “If an insurer is able to work [the risk adjustment system] in combination with subsidies, which are also complex, then that carrier may be able to enroll a lot of people who kind of ‘look’ sick and are subsidized and also get bonus risk-adjustment payment on top of that. An insurer may be able to make a killing by working both sides.”

Sicker Patients on Paper. “Risk adjustment” dollars will travel on state-based “risk corridors” from Exchange health plans with low risk enrollees to Exchange health plans with high risk enrollees. Experts quoted in LDI Health Economist report, “the entire country is going to get a lot sicker on paper” and “an insurer will have an incentive to give people the absolutely most thorough physical of their lives when they join because if there is even a trace of conditions like cancer or diabetes…the insurer may be able to get more risk adjustment money.”

Not to mention…the Act was written by insurance companies and the banks who own them, for their own financial benefit.

They say, people who dislike the law will feel better as they learn more about it. Translation: the government will propagandize you to love the coming neofeudal banker and corporate serfdom. You will learn to love your enslavement.

Now, is there  no limit to what the government can force you to buy by calling it a “tax”, and will this abuse of power by the governments have no bounds?  “If the government can do this, what else can it not do?”

They believe, we no longer live in a ‘Republic’ under constitutionally limited government, adopted by our Constitutions.

HOWEVER ~ They should be reminded that they all took an Oath to uphold and support the Constitution of Rhode Island and the Constitution of The united states of America…and that, at least in Rhode Island ~ The People did not ‘universally’ consent!


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