We, the Rhode Island Constituency, are seeking  motivated individuals who are looking to further their professional careers. For our expansion we have a few fast-tracked positions where candidates will be developed for a leadership role within our state at an accelerated pace.

The Entry-Level Trainees will:
– Learn the business of running for an office on the front lines dealing with our constituency base in preparation for holding that office.
– Possess a caring patriotic spirit.
– Learn how to listen to, motivate, represent and serve the  constituency.
– Gain leadership and management skills.
– Work a flexible schedule.

Join us in our quest for responsive and positive representation where you will be able to grow and move your way up, through our recognition of your efforts, as we ONLY promote from within. We are a statewide constituency with over 750,000 members and our aim is to solidify our representation in both the Rhode Island Senate and House of Representatives in the 2014 election.

– Basic understanding and belief that the Rhode Island Constitution is the supreme law of the State.
– Deep seated belief that an elected official upholds the Constitution first, represents and votes the best interests of  his constituent majority second, and then the best interests of all his other constituents.
– Enjoys listening to, motivating, representing and serving  individuals.
– Hard working, caring and positive attitude.
– Wants to develop service, leadership, and political skills.
– Desire to build and lead a more responsive legislature to develop a better Rhode Island for us and especially our posterity.

Candidates must be registered to vote 30 days before filing their declaration paperwork.  The papers must be filed on June 25, June 26 or June 27, 2014.  Paperwork is to be filed with the local board of canvassers in the city or town where the candidate is registered to vote.


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