democrats are socialists

True Independent Rhode Island Conservatives are concerned about critical constitutional issues consistent with upholding the rights of all our Citizens and in protecting our traditional American values.  The new campaign that Rhode Island liberals hope conservatives will fall for, is to only focus on exercising a ‘fiscal conservatism’.  Liberals would love it if conservatives were coaxed into abandoning our traditional values for the sake of solving our fiscal problems… but we assert that both traditional values and fiscal solutions are equally important.

While the Democrats have lost their souls…the Republicans have lost their vision, because whether they call themselves “Democrats” or call themselves “Republicans”, they have demonstrated that they could care less about the limits and boundaries imposed on our Governments under our Constitutions when making their laws (ie: Republican Bush signed the Patriot Act into Law), because to do so clearly limits their overreaching powers and authority.  True conservatives understand these threats.  They understand these continued constitutional erosions to be of utmost importance that will effect the rights and way of life of Rhode Island’s future generations, beyond the fiscal and monetary problems currently facing our state.

Rhode Island has been under one-party Democratic control for almost 80  years.  The result is a socialistic party-created hellhole of Democratic policies, high taxes, exorbitant union contracts and pensions, excessive government regulation, gun control, dysfunctional schools, etc.  and one failed program after another.  However, because our one-party system is funded by our tax dollars, they have a never-ending spigot of cash flowing into their coffers. In essence, they are always being rewarded for failing.

DEMS and REBUB Commies

The Progressives and Democrats of our state fall within the five distinct groups of the Democratic Party.

The first group are the hardcore “socialists and communists” that form the leadership and financial backing of the Democratic Party.  They are the corrupt union leaders, the financial donors, the advisers, the radical college professors and teachers, the leaders of various ‘progressive’ (fiscal) good government groups, education officials and administrators, and the actual politicians themselves.

The second group is “big business and union members”. The majority of those in this group hate any individual or group that threatens their current financial status. They support the Democratic Party because it pays well.

For big business, that means bailouts, favorable loans, taxpayer subsidies, and government regulation to create monopolies and eliminate competition.  Pharmaceuticals, insurance, healthcare, media, transportation (airlines), Hollywood, Facebook, Yahoo, Apple, GE, GM, Wall Street, owners of professional sports teams, etc.

For union members, it means maintaining their high salaries, pensions, insurance, paid holidays and perks. You’ll find many teachers in this group. They vote for their own personal gain, regardless of how much it hurts their fellow citizens.

The third group consists of the “media”. Like the first group, many of them are hardcore socialists and communists who consider themselves smarter than everyone else — and do everything they can to obscure reality in order to confuse and indoctrinate the fourth group. This group holds great disdain and hatred for those who see through their veils of deliberate deception.

The fourth group  “Useful idiot”, is actually a term coined by the Left to describe many of their followers. They are nice people, but many of them sadly just don’t know very much about history or politics.

Useful idiots have been dumbed down at school and at home. Now in their 20′s, 30′s, 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, and beyond, they continue to believe everything they’re told by the mainstream media.  Many of them are so busy working, earning a living, raising families, paying bills, and looking for love that they just don’t have time to read and educate themselves.

The fifth and final group of the Democratic Party are the “Useful Leeches”. This group consists of all races and ages, and actually mean well. However, they believe that the world owes them a living so they apply for every government social welfare program: food stamps, welfare, Section-8, disability, etc., not for safety nets as intended, but as  lifestyles.

The hardcore socialists and communists of the first and third groups love useful leeches, because they are so easily manipulated through fear of losing government perks, they will vote Democratic every time.

With extremely few exceptions, the members of these groups are not going to change.

Rhode Island’s two-party system is broken, because today’s Democrats are socialists, and Republicans are today’s Democrats.

Whether we care to admit it or not, it is well past time for the people to break their attachment to the Republican/Democrat, false political paradigms.

Because ~ the truth is;

If there’s any hope of saving our State – known for the ‘Independent Man’, it lies with independent candidates and independent voters who still believe in individual Liberty.

©2014 Fed Up in RI



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