38 studios oversight comm.

The end of last years session of the Rhode Island General Assembly is going to go down in history as one of the defining moments in who and what Rhode Islanders are as a citizenry. The goats have clearly separated themselves from the heroes with the treasonous vote on the 2014 budget which included the first appropriation for the bailout of 38 studios of $2.5 million.  This year they realized that the people just aren’t going to let go of it, so they’re holding hearings on how it happened; but they’re not asking the most important question.  The real question is, how can the 2014 budget containing this appropriation by the General Assembly for 38 Studios be constitutional and legal?  Because it’s not!

But rest assured fellow Rogue Islanders, Fed Up in RI intends to continuously and relentlessly point out the treasonous goats who voted for it, by doing everything in our power to unseat them permanently. We also intend to praise and heap laurels upon the heroes who stood their ground against an out of control, power drunk majority leadership trying to protect public corruption from being exposed.

The final vote in the House of Representatives was 52 to 20 with 3 not voting.  Fifty-two elected representatives who disregarded the wishes of an estimated 80 percent of the electorate opposed to the bailout and a governor who signed the illegal and unconstitutional bill into law. But that’s not the worst of it.


Chafee, Weed & Fox laughing

The truth is that there were 52 elected representatives who confiscated our constitutionally guaranteed Right to Vote, by ignoring the fact that a constitutionally mandated referendum be passed by a voting majority, in order to impose the debt for 38 Studios on the people of this State and their posterity. The constitutional limit is $50,000 and this one is over $100 million.  But that’s not the end, the same constitutional mandate also specifies that under no circumstances is such a debt to be placed on the people of this State for the benefit of a private entity, such as 38 Studios.

Here are the names of the heroes in the House of Representatives:

Representative John M. Carnavale,     Representative Michael W. Chippendale,    Representative Maria E. Cimini,    Representative Doreen Marie Costa,     Representative Spencer E. Dickinson,     Representative Antonio Giarrusso, Representative Scott J. Guthrie,         Representative Charlene Lima,      Representative John J. Lombardi,      Representative Karen L. MacBeth,      Representative James N. McLaughlin,       Representative Patricia L. Morgan,       Representative Brian C. Newberry,       Representative Jared R. Nunes,      Representative Jeremiah T. O’Grady,      Representative J. Patrick O’Neill,     Representative Teresa Ann Tanzi,   Representative Lisa P. Tomasso,     Representative Joseph A. Trillo    and     Representative Larry Valencia.

And here are the names of the goats:

Abney,    Ackerman,   Ajello,   Almeida,    Amore,    Azzinaro,   Baldelli-Hunt,    Blazejewski,    Canario,    Corvese,    Constanino,    Craven,   DeSimone,    Finn,    Fox, Gallison,   Handy,    Hearn,   Hull,    Jacquard,   Johnston,    Kazarian,   Keable, Kennedy,    Lally,   Malik,   Marcello,    Marshall,   Martin,    Matiello,    Melo,    Messier,   Naughton,   Palangio,    Palumbo,   Phillips,    Ruggiero,   San Bento,    Serpa,   Shekachi,   Silva,     Slater,    Ucci,    Walsh,   Williams,   and   Winfield.

The Senate passed the budget 2 days later and the vote was 32 to 6. Here are the names of the heroes of the Senate:

Senator Dennis L. Algiere,     Senator Marc A. Cote,    Senator Dawson Tucker Hodgson,    Senator Nicholas D. Kettle;    Senator Edward J. O’Neill     and    Senator Leonidas P. Raptakis.

And here are the names of the goats:

Archambault,    Bates,     Ciccone,     Conley,     Cool Rumsey,     Crowley,     Daponte, DiPalma,     Doyle,     Felag,     Fogarty,     Gallo,     Goldin,     Goodwin,     Jabour, Lombardi,     Lombardo,     Lynch,    McCaffrey,     Metts,     Miller,     Nesselbush, Otiano,     Paiva Weed,     Pearson,     Picard,     Pichardo,     Ruggerio,     Satchel,    Sheehan,     Sosnowski     and    Wakaska.

These goats all believe that you will forget their malfeasance and misfeasance of office by November of this year. I can assure them that they are wrong and that their voting for the budget with an illegal and unconstitutional appropriation will be at the forefront of all of our minds on election day. However, on that day, you must decide if you’re going to keep taking it, or if you’re going to let them know that regardless of what they do with the appropriation this year,  we’re “Fed Up in RI” © and we’re not going to take it anymore.

Fed up – Unable or unwilling to put up with something any longer. adj.     The American Heritage® Dictionary



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