Nick “the Dic”-tator Mattiello chose not to honor the request of Committee Chairperson Karen MacBeth to accompany him to New York to speak with Moodys about the effects that a default would have on Rhode Island’s future bond rating. So much for open and honest government under the progressive “Dic.”

The only reason for him not allowing her to go is the same reason Chafee chose SJ Associates – to get the result he was looking to get. Mattiello’s visit without her leaves him free to speak to the House caucus today without the opposition being able to speak against him with first hand knowledge of what had been discussed and the events that occurred.

So barring any pangs of conscience, or fear of retaliation by the voters in November, it looks like Fed Up in RI will be putting another Remonstrance against the illegal and unconstitutional inclusion into the 2015 Budget to the Governor, to Mattiello and to Paiva Weed this June after the budget is passed by the House.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of making another payment makes me sick to my stomach. These people will not listen to us. More than 80% of the people of this State have made it clear that we do not want this to be paid and Fed Up in RI will be happy to put the names of any Rhode Islanders who wish to join us in our Remonstrance this time around.

The real problem for us is this. If we don’t get 52 people to run against the 52 traitors who voted for the bailout last year, they are free to vote for the bailout again this time around because they will be assured of re-election for two more years regardless of the 80% opposition.

We need leaders to step forward and declare, not necessarily now, but by the June 25th deadline which not coincidentally, – but calculated and deliberately – falls before the last minute back room deals are going to be made and before the budget will be passed at the end of the session. You see, if a Rep knows that he or she is not going to be challenged in the upcoming election, all the pressure to do the right thing for his or her constituency is taken off and the Rep is free to make deals for such things as government jobs for relatives in order for the leadership to get its needed votes.

I can’t stress this enough. If there is no candidate running against any one of the 52 Reps. they will be free to vote for the continued bailout, against your wishes and with no consequences for that action.

Please people, if you are concerned at all about what we are leaving to our children – if you are a business person, retired, a house wife, an empty nester, occupationally disabled, or just coming out of college and want to become a leader – do something historic for Rhode Island and for future generations, please consider running for one of these 52 seats in the Rhode Island House of Representatives. We need you regardless of your chosen party or independent status! But if you want to run in order to become one of them, we don’t need you.

We’re only looking for people who believe and will always vote: Constitution first; the best interests of the majority of their constituency second; and the best interests of the individuals within their constituency thereafter. That is what we are looking for in our candidates because things are about to change here in Rhode Island.

Oh, one more thing. We’re also looking for someone from Rhode Island Senate District 13 (Newport/Jamestown) to run against Senator Paiva Weed in order to show her and the other Senators that the Senate is not immune to our wrath over the 38 Studios bailout and that we will eventually get to them after we take care of the House. If this happens, it could also have an influence on whether or not the master lever bill comes out of committee.


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