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It is known that Politicians are the great masters of Lies, but when secrets and silence protect those lies, it is called Rhode Island Government.

What we have in Rhode Island is not only corruption involving particular issues or cases, but a brand of cronyism so deeply rooted and far reaching that it’s grown into every aspect of Rhode Island bureaucracy.

Under this kind of “government cronyism”, the Citizens are at the peril of those in power and authority and sacrificed at the will of the state.  This was the case most recently, on May 1st, 2014, when against the will of the majority of the people and illegally, without their consent, approximately $2.5 million of taxpayer’s dollars was transferred from the General Fund and paid to private bond buyers for the bailout of the failed 38 Studio ‘Moral Obligation Bond’ heist.  To add insult to injury, the Governor and Richard Licht, who heads the Department of Administration, and who Chafee recently nominated for a lifetime Superior Court judgeship, submitted an additional appropriation of $12.3 million of taxpayer’s dollars for the next payment to cover up the State’s 38 Studio’s Pay-To-Play Scheme, once again, against the will of the majority and in violation of law.

As with so many Rhode Island scandals, 38 Studios is just another by-product of Rhode Island’s out and out cult of cronyism.  That is why so many lies, secrets and silence are necessary, because that is how a crony regime must function.  The politicians know it, the courts know it, and law enforcement knows it, along with those who’ve found their niches within ‘R.I.’s Political Machine’.

However, when they fear the people know it too, in order to maintain their control in keeping the ire of the public in check, they fashion false scenarios for public consumption.  Like a production with its cast of players…the media are given their approved scripts and ‘reform’ politicians are unwittingly used and assigned to commissions where they are further ‘LIED” to by the leadership. The courts play their part in the illusion of ‘seeking the truth’-  while they seal the records to hide and protect the ‘SECRETS’. While others supposedly investigate, erecting walls of ‘SILENCE’.

However, what they don’t seem to understand, is that trust cannot be recaptured by the wave of a magic wand or by the urgent pronouncements of our public officials.  The current 38 Studios situation strikes at the very heart of our representative form of government, because our politicians, in their efforts to get around the voter approval process chose to marginalize the very people who put them in office.  Rhode Island’s well established and documented crony regime that caters to it’s own private and special interests and bestows privileges upon it’s favored groups in exchange for their political support is why trust in Rhode Island’s government is at an all-time low, and rightfully so.

Unfortunately, because of this oppression and the squandering of the public’s trust, the public has begun to see through these veils of deception and are fleeing Rhode Island, which is only natural in any abusive relationship, as evidenced by the migration of the populous leaving and those planning to.

In knowing this, our political system depends on those in all branches of our government and the established Rhode Island clique, who’ve taken the oath “to do no damage” to the Machine and who understand the importance of the roles they play in maintaining the balancing act of credibility while allowing impunity to reign – in reassuring the public that the ‘Machine’ is the answer to our problems.

Well, that is also the LIE, because the SECRET is – the ‘Machine’ is the problem and always has been, and remains the reason for what our state has become, and this fact has been kept SILENT for too long.  When we understand this, and accept this, we will also begin to understand that the State and we, the individual Citizens have competing interests – because our “Government of the people, by the people and for the people,” has become government despite the people. When the ruling elite can ignore our constitutional rights to vote on debts, what others rights are they willing to ignore?


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  1. Thanks again folks. You don’t mind calling it like it is and it is much appreciated. Will you be at the state house for tomorrow’s hearings?

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