“The people fund their own demise,
while you pursue your own free-rides!

You’re like dogs who have turned on their owners,
because you’ve forgotten they are your Masters.

You promote dysfunction, to offer the illusions of solutions,
in endlessly perpetrating your existence and expansion of powers.

With the doors opened and your leashes undone,
you run in packs for protection, because alone you have none.

You use your powers and authority to threaten, pillage, maim, and kill,
under your veils of perversions and corruption at will.

And when exposed you show no shame,
because the courts excuse your blame.

Posing as righteous, but only shills for hire,
you find honor and comfort among your comrades-of-liars.

Like rabid dogs, sick in the head,
you have now become the public threat.

But Remember, as they say…..
every dog has it’s day !

The people are awakening from their sleep,
and also know of whom I speak.”

© By: Gloria Garvin


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