Fed Up In RI Press Release, October 31, 2014

For Immediate Release
From: Fed Up in RI

Friday, October 31, 2014
Contact: Gloria Garvin

Was Patrick A. Sweeney, Allan Fung’s campaign manager, unregistered lobbyist for 38 Studio’s $75 million dollar loan when he worked for Governor Carcieri?

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Today, Gloria Garvin, founder of Fed Up in RI asked Mayor Allan Fung’s Campaign to confirm or deny if Gubernatorial candidate, Allan Fung is aware that his campaign manager – Patrick A. Sweeney, worked for then Governor Carcieri at the very same time period that 38 Studios legislation was being secretly rushed through the Rhode Island General Assembly as a Jobs Bill?

Gubernatorial candidate, Allan Fung, has spent upwards of $1 million on TV ads highlighting Gina Raimondo’s rehiring of a financial services firm being sued in the 38 Studios deal. Although Fed Up In RI shares in his contentions, what Fung fails to also reveal is that his own campaign manager – Patrick A. Sweeney may have been involved in securing the $75 million given to 38 Studios and Curt Schilling when he was hired by then Governor Donald Carcieri in 2010 as a policy analyst for only 3 months – ironically the same three months when the controversial 38 Studio’s legislation was placed into the budget by Don Carcieri – heard and passed by the Finance Committee – quickly introduced as a Jobs Bill and passed by the General Assembly – and then signed into law by the Governor which made the 38 Studio’s deal possible.

On its face, this wouldn’t raise any eyebrows, but the interesting thing is that Patrick A. Sweeney’s employment started almost exactly when the Jobs Guarantee Bill was created and ended when the Bill was passed and signed into law by Carcieri.

Fed Up In RI questions why Sweeney was hired by Carcieri? Was it to be a lobbyist for the 38 Studio’s deal without having to register as a lobbyist?

Patrick Sweeney worked for the state for three months with a total compensation of $2,802.00. If Sweeney worked an average 40 hr week as an analyst he would have received approximately $233.50 per/wk or $5.84 per/hr – way below the Minimum Wage?  Rhode Island’s Minimum Wage in 2010 was $7.40. This seems low compensation for even a young lawyer just starting out. Was Sweeney a state worker-who only received $2, 802. (for the books)? Or was he really a lobbyist-who only received $2, 802 (on the books)?

After his brief employment with the state, Patrick A. Sweeney in 2012 opened a lobbying firm, Targeted Strategies LLC, a RI Domestic Corporation, promoting itself as:

A bipartisan lobbying firm, Targeted Strategies L.L.C. specializes in creating, implementing, and changing public policy. Whether you are seeking new legislation, need a modified regulation, or want to put a stop to adverse legislation, Targeted Strategies L.L.C. has the skills to achieve results under the most difficult circumstances.”

Was the creation of his lobbying firm, Targeted Strategies, and the description of it in relation to the work he did for Governor Carcieri in getting the 38 Studio’s 2010 legislation passed successfully?

To Fed-Up’s knowledge and research, neither Patrick A. Sweeney nor his Company, Targeted Strategies, has ever been registered as a lobbyist for anyone with the RI Secretary of State. Why isn’t Allan Fung’s campaign manager or his firm registered with the RI Secretary of State? Without being registered, no one can tell who he is currently or has lobbied for?

One more note of interest is that Attorney Michael F. Sweeney of the Law firm Duffy and Sweeney was part of an investment team that provided 38 Studios with a “seven-figure” bridge loan in 2009. Although we realize there are many ‘Sweeneys’ who are mostly unrelated, Fed Up In RI would still like to know if Patrick A. Sweeney, Fung’s campaign manager is related to or associated with Michael F. Sweeney of 38 Bridge Partners?The group incorporated as 38 Bridge Partners LLC on July 17, 2009; they dissolved it in April 2013.

In April 2013 Allan Fung hired Patrick A. Sweeney of Targeted Strategies L.L.C. for his campaign manager and consulting.


Related Sources:
Duffy & Sweeney co-founder
Michael F. Sweeney formed 38 Bridge Partners LLC

Patrick Sweeney
Policy Analyst – Governor’s Office at State of Rhode Island  April 2010June 2010 (3 months)

See: exact time-line of 38 Studio results achieved during Patrick Sweeney’s employment below:

April 6: House Finance Committee holds hearing on loan-guarantee bill that was included in the state budget. Stokes testifies.

May 19: Rep. Steven Costantino moves EDC loan-guarantee program into a separate bill.

May 25: House passes Costantino’s bill.

June 11: Carcieri signs into law Assembly-approved bill authorizing EDC to guarantee up to $125 million in economic development bonds.

June 14: EDC directors vote preliminary approval of a $75-million loan guarantee for38 Studios.
Providence Journal Published: May 22, 2014

Patrick Sweeney linked in page can be found here:

His Targeted Strategies home page can be found here:

His State Employment can be found here:


and the 38 Studios Time-line can be found here:

Targeted Strategies LLC, Corporation info/filings:

For Press questions and additional information:

Allan Fung for Governor Press contact – Kristen Sabella
cell# 203-233-1021 /

Patrick A. Sweeney
Targeted Strategies L.L.C.

135 Meshanticut Valley Parkway
Cranston, RI 02920

# 401-943-3969

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