Fed Up in RI Statement of Opposition to the proposed appropriation of $12,499,113, million dollars for 38 Studios Bond Debt


Dear Honorable Chairman and HOUSE COMMITTEE ON FINANCE Members, Fed Up in RI stands in firm Opposition to the unconstitutional appropriation of $12,499,113, million dollars at the request of Governor Gina Raimondo for 38 Studios Debt Service contained in H 5900 – ARTICLE 1 – RELATING TO MAKING APPROPRIATIONS IN SUPPORT OF FY 2016 ENTITLED, AN ACT MAKING APPROPRIATIONS FOR THE SUPPORT OF THE STATE FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDING JUNE 30, 2016 (incorporated on line 13 of page 6 of H 5900 – and on page 12 of the technical appendix supporting document to the Governor’s FY 2016 budget proposal).

Fed Up In RI maintains, the Governor is requesting this misappropriation of public funds in excess of her constitutional authority and under false pretenses, in the furtherance of this extortionary fraud to protect public corruption from being exposed through the use of the “moral obligation” deceptive practice, to create a general obligation without voter approval to extract involuntary waivers of Rights retained by the People through collusion, coercion and unlawful means of compulsion and abuse of power.

Therefore, we find it necessary to invoke all our constitutionally protected Rights which are hereby reserved and not waived and whose opinions and beliefs do not bend to those of legislative authority, by withholding our consent to the appropriation of the sum of money in Article 1 of the budget for fiscal year 2016 of a $12,499,113, million for payment on the Bond debt of the former Economic Development Corporation (EDC), now known as ‘The Commerce Corporation’, in assuming their debt as a payment to the bondholders of the 38 Studios bonds.

Rhode Island simply cannot afford to pay this additional undue burden being extorted from the People of this small state; whereas, the only duty of Moral Obligation the state of Rhode Island owes – is to it’s Citizens. Thus to place this appropriation as an additional burden upon each individual taxpayer, to honor a private corporation debt of significant sums for payment to ‘private’ non-governmental brokers, bondholders and unknown recipients, without any public approval from these citizens who already pay one of the highest sales-tax rates and highest top income-tax rates in the nation – is not only dishonorable, but in violation of our State Constitution and Rights Retained by the People.

WHEREAS; Article VI, Section 16. of our Constitution states that: “Section 16. Borrowing power of general assembly. — The general assembly shall have no powers, without the express consent of the people, to incur state debts to an amount exceeding fifty thousand dollars, except in time of war, or in case of insurrection or invasion; nor shall it in any case, without such consent, pledge the faith of the state for the payment of the obligations of others. This section shall not be construed to refer to any money that may be deposited with the state by the government of the United States”: and

WHEREAS, Article VI, Section 1, of the Rhode Island Constitution states that: “Constitution supreme law of the state. – This Constitution shall be the supreme law of the state, and any law inconsistent therewith shall be void.” and

WHEREAS, Article III, Section 3, of the Rhode Island Constitution states that: “Section 3. Oath of general officers. — All general officers shall take the following engagement before they act in their respective offices, to wit: “You being by the free vote of the electors of this state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, elected unto the place of do solemnly swear (or, affirm) to be true and faithful unto this state, and to support the Constitution of this state and of the United States; that you will faithfully and impartially discharge all the duties of your aforesaid office to the best of your abilities, according to law: So help you God.” Or: “This affirmation you make and give upon the peril of the penalty of perjury”.

Due to the highly questionable process employed thus far, Fed Up in RI requests an immediate moratorium be placed on all 38 Studios Debt Service appropriations from being incorporated into the Budget, and respectfully requests, in the spirit and duty of upholding your Oaths of Office, that you withhold your approval of the proposed appropriation of $12,499,113, million dollars submitted by Governor Gina Raimondo for 38 Studios Debt Service contained in ARTICLE 1 on March 13, 2015 for H-5900, by voting against it’s inclusion in the FY 2016 Appropriations Act. To do otherwise, we will consider to be a deliberate violation of your constitutional and fiduciary duties and in breach of the public’s trust.

On behalf of Fed Up In RI, and those in membership, please consider this correspondence our official written testimony for the Record in Opposition to the appropriation of $12,499,113, million dollars for 38 Studios Debt Service.

We request that you include this “Letter of Opposition and Request for Moratorium” in the Permanent Record and that it be placed into the Senate Journal of the official file for future reference.

Thank you.

Gloria Garvin

Fed Up In RI



Submitted ~ June 9, 2015


2 thoughts on “Fed Up in RI Statement of Opposition to the proposed appropriation of $12,499,113, million dollars for 38 Studios Bond Debt

  1. Thank you, Fed up in RI, for your continuing work on behalf of the citizens of RI. What you do is unknown to most, but hopefully, will gain more and more needed attention.

    • Thank you Anonymous ~ your kind words are appreciated and needed more than you know. You are one of the million reasons (RI’ers) – why we will not yield the field! Stay tuned… the best is yet to come.

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