RI House Speaker Gordon Fox sentenced to prison ~ evading 38 Studios crimes for pleading guilty on unrelated charges

 Fox and Carceri final 3



As Fed Up in RI has stated before, “the ‘vast majority of RI’ers have had no choice but to accept the corruption in our state, because the State of RI is run by a majority of those who are either cowards or corrupt – who are protected by those who are cowards or corrupt.

That is why on May 21st, in 2012, we at Fed Up in RI had to stand alone in preventing the Governor from issuing an additional $14.3 million of taxpayer dollars in film tax credits to 38 Studios, because we knew at the time he was poised to do so, through information that the ‘fix was in’ involving the issuance of the Tax Credits, and that they were being issued – not to keep the company afloat, but because those involved were just continuing their fleecing of 38 Studios on the backs of the people of our State.

We also knew that if we had alerted anyone, including the press, too far in advance of what we were about to do (prior to the EDC special meeting), these powers-that-be would have circled-their-wagons in working against us, because they knew if they were forced to deny the tax credits to Curt Schilling – it would cause the first domino to fall (exposing them all)…. and the rest would quickly follow, just as they did.

The majority of the people of this state still have no idea of what really happened, because the true story was deliberately suppressed at the time. Instead of the Media reporting on our Press Releases when we served ‘NOTICE’ on the Governor in our document alerting him that issuing tax credits to an out-of-state corporation was in clear violation of RI General Laws (because 38 Studios was a “Foreign ” Delaware LLC) – along with our promised threat that if he went ahead in his capacity as Chairman of the EDC and issued the credits, we would take immediate legal action against him as Governor. Not to mention, there was no coverage by the media of a lengthy 3 hour meeting that took place that morning with Bill Rappleye of NBC 10 News, explaining our actions (prior to the scheduled EDC mtg. that evening).

Instead, in concert with the Governor, they all scrambled in trying to save-face from being caught off guard, (because somebody had gone ‘rouge’ in RI). So the coverage began with Chafee’s daily press opts that were immediately put into play to carefully control the dialogue fed to the public – while the state stumbled over itself in trying to figure out what to do next. The script was written, and they packaged it as if Chafee had the spine – all on his own, not to issue the credits, while Ted Nesi, up and coming WPRI Investigative Reporter for Target 12 News played right along, in reporting 4 days later that HE had discovered that there might be another issue with 38 Studios not being a registered RI Domestic Corporation; See: Article by Justin Katz – May 25, 2012 @ http://oceanstatecurrent.com/…/state-will-at-least-receive…/

At the time it was rather entertaining for us to watch, because we personally knew what had just gone down behind the scenes, however, it was more important that it worked and another $14.3 million was stopped from being stolen from the people. But it sadly also began to confirm just how pathetic the petty little egos in this state really are and to what lengths they will go in promoting themselves while protecting the Machine.

So, that is why, since then, Fed Up in RI has been mostly universally shunned and obstructed by them, and others protecting their turf, in continuing to ignore our press releases on many different issues, etc., because we take no prisoners and we have no alliances, and they know we understand the roles they played and why we knew better than to play by their rules.

They fear if the veils were ever to be lifted from the people’s eyes, they would actually see that it is not only the politicians in this state at fault, but that it has taken a whole Village to create and maintain this kind of culture of corruption and deceit, and those who enjoy their special privileges within that Village can not afford for this fact to be understood and exposed.

Therefore, what are we Rhode Islanders to do – when It is actually those who make their livings off falsely deceiving the people into believing that they are being protected and informed – who are also part of the problem?

Amazingly, to this day as I write this… 3 years later – NO ONE in the Government or the media has ever asked the right question. The one that should have been asked the day we notified the Governor…

“Because, they ALL knew what we knew – and they also knew what they were about to do was illegal… but THEY never spoke a word – until WE MADE THEM. And this is how it must continue to be done if there is ever to be any hope for this state again.”

So we will continue on, irregardless of their continued concerted efforts (and they know who they are) in trying to keep us hidden in the shadows and marginalized for protection of their own agendas…. because there is so much more that they would rather not be known.
~ Gloria Garvin
June 12, 2015


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