When a former Rhode Island Supreme Court Justice says RI Courts are corrupt… BELIEVE IT

Frank Williams - craz5

If what Justice Williams is saying – that the law, the truth, the facts, the evidence, and justice itself are irrelevant, and what matters is the politics and influence connected to the case, then our Judiciary has become a political cult, under the delusion of justice. — The following quote is by a well known lawyer whose name is withheld for obvious reasons; “I can state with certainty that if you go against the status quo in Rhode Island and point out wrongdoing of the judiciary they will ruin your legal practice and make it impossible for you to win a case.”

It seems the difference from the past and now can be summarized simply. Our three branches of Government has always been comprised of many people with awesome ability to lie and make the most sane people believe them. However, in the past, there were enough people of character to impede the progress of those with nefarious plans. Now it seems that we are under the authority and being governed by only people of dark character, and the door is closed to those with any semblance of good in them. We are quickly reaching the point of no return as a people, if those of reason and noble intent cannot regain the reins. Although many judges do see their job as one of protecting and preserving justice – we no longer consider Justice Williams to be one of them. ~ Gloria Garvin ~ Fed Up in RI
6 /8/15  FED UP in RI UPDATE: Below are some additional comments made by Judge Williams that were sent to Fed Up in RI which were not included in the meme for economy of space. With permission of the sender, we are releasing the original feed received as follows;
“b. Chief Justice Williams was hostile and demeaning in his presentation that was supposed to be his effort to “mediate.” These quotes, compiled from three corroborating attendees, speak to the fairness issue.
b.i. “The implied contract does not matter; the state has an escape hatch. That’s where you are screwed.”
b.ii. “Your contract rights…it doesn’t matter.”
b.iii. “You’re not going to win.”
b.iv. “Forget constitutional rights.”
b.v. “They are not going to let you. It is not about what is right or wrong.”
b.vi. “You cannot win against the system in R.I.”
b.vii. “You have no chance of winning in a R.I. court. The system is against you.”
*FED UP NOTE: Two of the corroborating attendees mentioned in the feed are also respected Reporters who attested to the accuracy of the above listed quotes.


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