Investigative News recently reported – ‘Ex-speaker Gordon Fox met with Schilling behind Carcieri’s back’




Another example of the Village coming together to keep Rhode Island’s Power and Corruption Machine well oiled and running smoothly?

From the propaganda piece in question:

By Ted Nesi and Tim White

Published: August 19, 2015, 11:55 pm Updated: August 20, 2015, 11:58

“Gordon Fox ordered 38 Studios deal, lawyers say – Ex-speaker met with Schilling behind Carcieri’s back, according to court documents”

“The court document – an amended version of the state’s civil complaint, filed last winter – was crafted by Max Wistow and the state’s other attorneys as part of their long-running lawsuit against many of those who helped put together the $75-million loan guarantee that the R.I. Economic Development Corporation (EDC) gave 38 Studios in 2010. Unlike most of the filings in the case, the document describing Fox’s involvement was not placed under seal.”

So, what are the odds that a “newly unearthed” filing which is supposedly being touted to exonerate Carcieri by pointing the finger squarely at Fox (now that he is safely in jail on other ‘unrelated charges’) was missed (on purpose) being placed into the sealed court files – so this document could suddenly be discovered by Target 12’s investigative gurus? 

Oh please… stop insulting our intelligence, and take a lesson from Nixon.  The cover-up is worse than exposing the truth.  And, this just got worse.

So, while the Village and it’s idiots are busy, we at Fed Up in RI would love it if they could finally try to get just one thing straight… the State of Rhode Island has sued NO ONE

It is the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation – the ‘EDC’ (since renamed the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation) who filed the Complaint, who is the Plaintiff, and who is suing the 14 named Defendants in the case.  And, although the EDC was legislatively created as a quasi-public corporation, it LEGALLY stands apart and is separate from the State of Rhode Island.

Further, Attorney Max Wistow was NOT hired by the state of RI, he was hired by the then sitting Governor, Lincoln Chafee, in his capacity as the ‘Chairman of the EDC’ (for and on behalf of the EDC). 

If they can’t get this much straight… what else won’t they choose to get straight?

As Fed Up in RI has stated, it is in our opinion that the EDC action was initiated and remains a ”diversion lawsuit”.  Look this way… Not that;

which at the appropriate time – will be proven out.

Stay tuned.


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