GOP-led think tank – The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity calls for ‘PRIVATIZATION’ – what a surprise… but who will it benefit?

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“Privatization is the 1% taking public wealth so they can make money off of it for themselves. Instead of democracy collecting taxes from the 1% privatization leaves everyone poorer and paying rent to the 1%.

There is a fundamental conflict of interest between public and private. When things are privatized of course profit comes first, not public interest. Public functions are supposed to serve the public, us, We, the People. The ‘private’ in ‘privatization’ means that it is done for the private gain of a few. When a public function is privatized it means that instead of operating for the benefit of We, the People – the 99% – it is operated for the benefit of a few – the 1%.”

‘Billionaires are different from you and me, for obvious reasons, including the fact that they buy much pricier baubles than we do.

How about throwing a fat wad of cash at a university to get an academic chair named for you? Sure, it’s all part of the fun of living in Billionaire Land.

Then there is the top crust of the upper-crust — such megalomaniacal megabillionaires as the Koch brothers. Using money from their industrial conglomerate, their foundation and their personal fortunes, these two far-out, laissez faire extremists are literally buying public policy. Their purchases of everything from GOP politicians to the Tea Party help them push the privatization of all things public for the elimination of pesky regulations and taxes that crimp their style.

To advance their plutocratic privatization cause, brother Charles has even gone on a shopping spree for an invaluable bauble that most of us didn’t even know was for sale: academic freedom. And it’s surprisingly cheap! Koch only paid $419,000 to buy into Brown University’s “political theory project,”

His donation gives him control of a new “academic” program at this public institution to indoctrinate students in his self-serving political theories.

The billionaire gets to screen all applicants, veto any he deems insufficiently ideological, and sign off on all new hires. Also, the department head must submit yearly reports to Koch about the faculty’s speeches, publications and classes, and he evaluates the faculty based on “objectives” that he sets.

Imagine the screams of outrage we’d hear from the Kochs if a labor union were doing this.

But, now the Koch corporate front GOP-backed ‘Think Tanks’ are making the rounds promoting that the government could raise billions of dollars introducing “Public-private partnerships, aka P3’s, where the government turns to the private sector to provide infrastructure, goods and services by privatizing our infrastructure and highway system. Yet these ivory tower ideologues fail to disclose the Public-private partnership risks – using the current brouhaha over the budget deficits as an opening to push their privatization of all of America’s public properties, facilities, systems and treasures to create a no-government, plutocratic paradise. Just spread our public goods out on tables, like a flea market from hell, and invite the global rich to control it all.’

There are many forms of privatization, so if you think The Center for Freedom and Prosperity’s proposal is new, think again. see: (URL below) Gov. Raimondo cited public-private partnerships to fund the state’s highway projects in her original proposal also. see: (URL below) How soon we forget. The Center for Freedom and Prosperity’s proposal is just a different flavor of Public-private partnership from Raimondo’s, but both serve the very same BEAST.

Note * We would like to thank Rep. Morgan for utilizing her financial background in her continued efforts in trying to introduce some sense to the repair of our bridges. Her alternative plan would use less than 1 percent of the state’s existing $8.7 billion budget to make the much-needed infrastructure repairs, by raising $900 million over the next 10 years, with $875 million going towards construction, while not including any new taxes, fees or tolls.

Unfortunately, Representative Patricia Morgan’s proposal calling for this fiscal responsibility by strictly using money from the budget of $60 million a year to be set aside from the state budget for up to 12 years has been summarily ignored – because it does not include ‘PRIVATIZATION’…. the real agenda for our roads & bridges, whatever the cost.

Rep. Patricia Morgan’s plan adopted by the House Republicans should be our first line of defense, before even entertaining going down the road to privatization.…/201…/NEWS/150229674/13943…/20151016/…/151019491


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