On November 17th, 2015 Governor Raimondo released a statement on the Syrian refugees @


RHODE ISLAND IS A SANCTUARY STATE – and has been since January 6, 2011, when Governor Lincoln Chafee rescinded Rhode Island’s Illegal Immigration Control Order and E-Verify, plunging Rhode Island into Sanctuary State Status, by making it clear that there would be no further cooperation with federal immigration authorities — an act of Legal Insurrection.

Sanctuary cities are cities or jurisdictions where local authorities have chosen not to act in accordance with federal immigration laws. Although federal law requires enforcement, the Department of Justice has never sued or taken any measure, including denying federal funds, against any state.

As with Chafee, Governor Gina Raimondo’s continued cooperation with the Whitehouse clearly signals that Rhode Island will remain a Sanctuary State, in violation of the Constitution and the nation’s responsibility to protect its borders from illegal aliens, foreign diseases, and aggressive enemy forces.

On a regular basis, over the past 6-years, the Obama administration has been releasing many thousands of convicted criminal illegal aliens from jails into the general population. The Republican leadership in Congress did nothing to stop the destabilizing release of a total of 165,900 convicted criminal illegal aliens into the general population – and these criminals were also equipped with photo ID’s and welfare application instructions (in Spanish, of course). In the same period Obama was also releasing 706,950 detained illegal aliens who had violated Federal Immigration Laws into the general population. This number of course does not include undetected illegal aliens – probably more than 10 million now in the country. And what about those 60,000 unaccompanied children from South America? Projection is that 127,000 ‘Unaccompanied Minors’ arrived last year!

Although Rhode Island under Gina Raimondo maintains it’s diktat creating a sanctuary state, ICE can still get a judge to issue a warrant so they may begin enforcement procedures. Yet that policy granted Liberian immigrant McCarthy Larngar the freedom to commit a home invasion, kidnappings, and robberies after he was released from prison, and Liberia (surprise!) refused to take him back, a refusal enabled by the Supreme Court decision Zadvydas v. Davis (2001).

McCarthy Larngar, a Liberian national who served several years in prison for shooting and wounding a man in Rhode Island, was released in 2007 when Liberia would not take him back — even though a Boston immigration official had described him in court records as “a danger to the community.” After multiple brushes with the law, Larngar was again arrested and charged with tying up and robbing a man and a woman in a bizarre kidnapping in Pawtucket.

As of 2012, Larngar remains in a Rhode Island jail while the taxpayers still pay to feed, house, and clothe him.

More than 20 governments from Jamaica to China routinely block deportation of their citizens, even dodging calls from US immigration officers seeking to expedite the process, and critics say they suffer few consequences.

Make no mistake, our Governor is well aware, and if not, she should be, that “if we take them – we own them” because their countries don’t want their criminals back, and they don’t have to take them back LEGALLY!

We are not only Fed Up in RI… We are F’ed Up in RI!
See, wasn’t that nice. The abbreviated version, so not to offend (too much) our “politically correct” Progressives.

See Map Article:


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