Clearing the air at the end of the year… in a chat with Justin Katz!


Over the Holiday weekend, Justin Katz, research director for The Center for Freedom and Prosperity and managing editor of its news and commentary site, made the following comments in response to Fed Up in RI’s article; COMING SOON TO A STATE HOUSE NEAR YOU

From: Justin Katz – Ocean State Current
3:37 p.m., Sunday Dec. 27

Tell me, Gloria: Why are you using progressive attack literature to fight against people who are actually on the side you claim to support? I don’t think the differences between the Center and the things you supposedly believe justify this level of attack.

And then you take unfair quotes from a progressive Web site and go even farther in order to lie about something I said.

You’re trying to build a false-flag operation with ties to George Soros, aren’t you? Is that why you’ve taken over the Cool Moose Party, too? Are you planning to use it to run spoilers to disrupt any free-market candidates who run for public office?

From: Gloria Garvin – Fed Up in RI
4:00 p.m., Thursday Dec. 31

Nice try Justin, but the only false-flag operation going on here is The Center for Freedom and Prosperity, aka The Gaspee Project, or whatever other alter egos are concocted on any given day to control the people’s ‘mindsets’ while peddling the national agendas for ALEC, SPN, or the Koch brothers.

The progressive attack literature you refer to is: Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy – “Crumbling Infrastructure – Crumbling Democracy: Infrastructure Privatization Contracts and Their Effects on State and Local Governance,” which I highly recommend and consider informative and unbiased stuff compared to your SPN/ALEC generated cheat-sheets for distribution. No BIAS there, eh?

Your George Soros insinuation regarding the Cool Moose Party is as hideous as the article you wrote on September 11, 2014 that said,”Healey Spits on Democracy”… when Bob announced his candidacy for Governor, so it’s to be expected of you. No surprise there.

As manager of the Healey campaign, I can attest that the $36.29 spent on the campaign did NOT come from George Soros! Oh, and it’s also laughable that you think the Cool Moose Party will “disrupt any free-market candidates who run for public office”, because from what I’ve observed – the GOP supplies it’s very own spoilers (Fung for Block), so I trust you won’t need any outside help.

However, I am insulted by your accusation that I lied about something you said. Any time I have quoted you it has come directly from the source that originally quoted you with the reference provided. So, please understand how I work, because I’m only going to say this once. If I call you an a-hole, you can rest assured that I have (your) paperwork to prove it, with a schematic included! But in this case no paperwork was necessary, so thanks for that.

The simple fact is, both major parties are controlled by the corporations who are backing your privatization scheme, because both political parties are now absolutely dependent upon campaign funds from the billionaires who own and run them. The Koch brothers and Soros are dumping untold sums of money in local, state and federal elections for both parties. They don’t care which party wins as long as their interests do and their fortunes are maintained. This is an outrage because our government is bought and paid for…on BOTH sides. And the news media, better known as the propaganda arm of the government now, merely acts as their corporate publicists, because they own their souls.
You know how that works Justin, right?

And, last but not least, please don’t assume for a moment that I am on the side that you support by confusing “conservative” and “corporate”- because privatizing everything means selling out our political and economical system to corporate “warlords.” In the end, there is no government – federal, state, or local – but instead a hollow shell serving as a front for the new private Caesars.

What the Koch-ALEC complex means by “free markets” and “liberty” is that corporate interests should be free to stifle our individual liberty. Therefore, I would be ashamed to have my name, Fed Up in RI or the Cool Moose Party attached to this cabal of profiteers for taxpayer money you work and speak for, who somehow think it is written in our Constitution that all human activity should be run by private companies for private profit!

But the good news is, that in the past few years, ALEC-inspired legislation has been getting publicity causing even massive corporate flight. Publicity they don’t want, as people start realizing just how dangerous ALEC, and people like the Koch brothers really are to this country and freedom in general. So, I fully expect you’ll continue with your false attacks, because that’s really all you have in trying to hide these facts.

From: Justin Katz – Ocean State Current
3:19 p.m., Sunday Dec. 27

Gloria, I’m not sure if you’d recognize a “whole truth” if one walked up to you and gave you a quote to use in your propaganda.

The Center has proposed no legislation for a P3 program, just an introduction of the concept for consideration. If it came to the point of crafting legislation, we’d have no reservations about using model legislation from ALEC as a starting point, if it seemed to fit the bill.

That’s how lawmaking works. If you start with a model (whether ALEC’s, another state’s, or somebody else’s), you begin with a legal framework that might help avoid unintended pitfalls. But the groups introducing legislation, the committees reviewing it, and then all of the legislators involved should go through it and make sure it’s crafted to fit the specific needs that fit what RI is trying to do.

There’s no dark conspiracy, here.

From: Gloria Garvin – Fed Up in RI
4:00 p.m., Thursday Dec. 31

Quite to the contrary, Justin. I don’t need the truth to walk up to me, I can spot it a mile away, just as I do with half-truths and lies. And that’s really what’s bothering you, that Mike Stenhouse’s attempt to control the narrative didn’t work. Your misleading PR masking ALEC’s radical agenda, is becoming transparent.

So, let me see if I have this straight? You say, “The Center has proposed no legislation for a P3 program, just an introduction of the concept for consideration.” There you go again with a “Statement of Facts which are not the Actual Facts” in the attempt to shape a narrative beyond what the facts will bear – because without coming right out and saying it, that “concept” in fact… IS “THE (ALEC) PRIVATIZATION ACT”!

 Just like Mike Stenhouse’s Public-Private-Partnership announcement, when he said the Center adopted Pennsylvania’s Rapid Bridge Replacement Project – by deliberately leaving out the same fact that it also just happens to be almost word for word “THE (ALEC) PRIVATIZATION ACT”

If you, Mike Stenhouse or the media really cared about letting the people know the “whole truth” Fed Up in RI would not have to be the lone voice in this state telling the people what no one else will say, by revealing the Center’s intentions for implementation of the (ALEC) PRIVATIZATION ACT for our roads and bridges.

Do you think we’re the only ones in the state that know that most of what comes out of the Center is ALEC driven? We don’t. So that tells us that the press is bought, and it only confirms more than ever that there is a need in this state for an independent voice. Not one that’s been scripted by the Village!

Just as politics have become too entrenched in this state – so has the Village clique with your own private intents. And that’s a problem…a big problem for the citizens. With the local Press under your control the people are not being given the “whole truth”, but instead your twisted versions or the media’s gutless silence of it.

QUESTION: If what you and ALEC have to offer the people is so good, why do you work so hard in double-speak to camouflage it? One would think you wouldn’t have to hide in the shadows if you believe you’re working for the good of the people. People who are doing the right thing usually like to talk about it.

ANSWER: Because what you’d rather the people of Rhode Island not know is the “whole truth” about the heavy downsides to infrastructure privatization, which have been playing out in cities across the country – high costs for taxpayers, public anger, secrecy, entrenched corporate control and insider corruption, with privatization contracts full of “gotcha” provisions.

However, as problems with infrastructure privatization have come to light, the deals have been “re-branded” partnerships, such as public-private partnerships,”re-branded as P3s.” In fact in meeting papers that were made public, ALEC advises it’s think tanks to stop using the word ‘privatization’. So, what’s really at issue here, is that the worst thing that can happen to ALEC is transparency.

The more they get called out for this bum legislation they shove off on the Tea/Republican Party, the more people become aware of their shenanigans, and the harder it becomes for them to achieve their goals, and that is why you and Mike Stenhouse, RI’s self-ordained gatekeeper of community organizing, try to hide and spin the (ALEC) origin of your data by enlisting others as your sock-puppets to control public scrutiny through a show of unity. – who probably aren’t even informed of what you’re doing.

For, you and your think-tank operatives love confusing the bewildered herd, because up to now you’ve been able to do it without anyone saying a word. That is why when Mike Stenhouse announced his plan was taken from Pennsylvania Law…..the press stayed silent, while fully knowing most ideas from the Center are generated from (ALEC) Legislation.

That’s the REAL propaganda being fed to the public, because you can’t risk the people knowing the “whole truths.” That ALEC has parted-out America and their (mostly foreign or multinational) privatizing conglomerates have pocketed the proceeds. That is why you work so hard in creating your own ‘status-quot’, so this and other truths won’t be known.

So, If you think we don’t take this stealth-privatization seriously… think again. This is one of the bigger issues of our time. I’m just sickened that none of our leaders seems to care.

Benito Mussilini summed it up best,“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

It’s how the 1% are destroying democracy and monopolizing everything from education to our very sovereignty without any oversight, transparency or accountability.

Our Government is not supposed to be a profit-making enterprise. But any governmental function, once privatized, becomes exactly that.

So If the people, and in this case, generations to come, are going to get screwed, Fed Up is going to tell them just how and by who… because they’re certainly not going to get it from the Center, or you!

If you really want to advance ‘Freedom and Prosperity’, how about you propose the old-fashioned way by using what’s already in our budget, and selling bonds to raise the additional funding for repairs and improvements to pay for infrastructure that leaves the public in control of our roads, bridges and futures. That’s what Rep. Patricia Morgan and the House GOP propose… All without tolls!

Further, Fed Up in RI maintains that Rhodeworks RI plans must stand a voter bond referendum per the RI Constitution.

Finally, in answer to your last statement… if “There’s no dark conspiracy” Justin – then why did YOU – when you introduced yourself to the House Finance Committee on May 27, 2015 and announced you were from The Center for Freedom and Prosperity promoting another (ALEC) bill (H 5790) for the purpose of the ‘privatization of our public schools’, say … It’s time to que up the dark and sinister music”? ‘Your’ words, not mine.
Just saying, if it fits…wear it.


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    Mike Stenhouse, “Rhode Island lawmakers should draft and prepare legislation that would:
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    “The Center further recommends that the state develop and implement a competitive process for such a P3 project as soon as possible”

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