The Raimondos aka ‘Moffits’ belong to an insiders network we call the ‘powers-that-be’, like McKinsey & Co. aka (Education voucher system). The Governor’s husband, Andy Moffit who heads school privatization projects for McKinsey and Company and who was the key provider for research and support for the initial voucher model system in Ohio as early as 2008, and whose Wall Street anti-public-Ed cartel is pushing this take-over stands to make Billions KA-CHING $$$$$ from their data collection and educational products under a planned privatized system.

McKinsey & Company has followed the steps to privatize public education to the letter using the democrat/republican shell game that created the chaos and dysfunction in the first place through Common Core and mandated failed initiatives designed to hijack the workings of our public education system from within, to usher in their privatization “dissolve, privatize, then globalize” agenda sweeping across the country for corporations in bed together with government. Andy Moffit who specializes in school projects for McKinsey and Company has situated himself to be the delivery boy, and financial recipient of billions of education dollars for himself and their globalist friends.

In their promotional flyer “Transforming Learning through mEducation”, McKinsey and Co. promote the values of hand held and mobile devices so that they can now have direct access to children as the consumers of their learning products with no messy overhead or interference from a teacher, peers, or a community of learners. They state “the market for mEducation products and services today is worth 3.4 billion dollars.” They add that, “By 2020, mEducation may address up to 70 billion” of the anticipated 8 trillion dollars spent globally.

Privatization is their goal and a compelling reason why they needed Gina Raimondo to become Governor. Because once again, she can use the power of office for herself, her husband, and their 1% of the 1% clique they belong to for their own private gains.

Their philosophy on education reform comes right out of a playbook by ALEC Privatization disguised as “choice” – likeThe Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity “BRIGHT TODAY” RI School Choice ‘Voucher’ Campaign modeled under the (ALEC) national agenda of the ‘Milton Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice’ by the numerous ‘spin-off’ organizations created & sponsored by The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity;
The Gaspee Project
Bright Today Educational Choice
RI Freedom
Ed Choice RI

IT’S SIMPLE…. Gina works for her husband – who works for McKinsey – who works for Wall Street’s elite. Mike Stenhouse of The Gaspee Project aka The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity….. is the lobbyist.

It doesn’t get more insidious than this folks! But oh, … maybe it does. The (P3’s), privatizing of our roads and bridges! Another McKinsey initiative!!

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