We don’t have to assume mainstream media are run by idiots ~

All we need realize is that like most other major U.S. institutions, they now serve the interests of money and power for their existence and survival. Thus, the media is no longer independent because they have become entirely owned and controlled by globalism’s plutocratic King makers.

On a local level, Rhode Island’s major Media Outlets — Radio, TV, and our statewide newspaper – The Providence Journal, are also owned by these out-of-state billion dollar conglomerates who control the news.

George Orwell once observed, “Circus dogs jump when the trainer cracks his whip, but the really well-trained dog is the one that turns his somersault when there is no whip.”

Soft fascism thus employs behavior modification rather than obvious acts of tyranny. It is guided by an incentive system rather than overt acts of coercion: operant conditioning. Thus, for much of the population, and the media – there is no whip.

However, those who do not turn their somersaults — are marginalized, persecuted and banished, so lack of resources renders them effectively helpless — their punishment for nonconformity.

The “system” is effectively insulated against their criticisms, which as Orwell also observed, will not be read in places where they threaten the governing class, where there is no moral center – only that of the collectivists. Where speaking the truth is the new enemy, and why the smell of lies and corruption is strong in the air.

Today’s media owned by the political collective that views the people as incompetent, helpless, mindless creatures who must be fooled and ruled by the special elite, is why there are few journalistic standards left. Doing a fine job of regurgitating and re-enforcing the same stories deemed acceptable “within the parameters allowed” by their masters – is NOT Journalism – by any standard!

This also explains why you will not encounter any mainstream media narratives or criticisms of (P3) “Public-Private Partnerships” involving the government, big business, and big foundations, and why their corporate financed think-tanks strictly keep the dialog focused only on the issue of ‘to-toll or not-to-toll’ – to avoid revealing the nationwide movement afoot of the (P3) Corporate takeover of our bridges and roads — because at the very helm of approximately 90 percent of the (P3s) “Public-Private Partnerships” — are the SAME “half dozen” huge corporations that also own our national and local TV, Newspaper, and Radio Stations. 

We should make no mistake about what we are dealing with here. It has never been more important for us as individuals, and for our state and country, that we step out of our comfort zones in seeking the truths for ourselves…. because we don’t need media’s elite thinking for us.


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