The REAL (P3) Private – Predatory – Ponzi Scheme

After the Governor’s Bridge-Tolls pass… coming soon is the final Act.


What’s at work here is a convergence of gutless politicians, think-tank “piratizers”, conniving investment bankers, and raw corporate greed. What has drawn them all together in this non-partisan intercourse is the force that rules American society: BIG MONEY.

The agreement that these insiders are secretly negotiating represents a tectonic shift in public policy that will thrust a global corporate plutocracy on us to radically alter the fundamental structure of our society. The Global Corporations, Wall Street and banking cartels are on a (P3) mission of rewriting OUR Rights to establish a new form of “Hybrid-Governance” advised by the McKinsey Company aka (THE FIRM) that Gina Raimondo’s husband – Andy Moffit – works for.

This information you won’t read or hear of from the press, because at the very helm of approximately 90 percent of the (P3s) “Public-Private Partnerships” — are the SAME “half dozen” huge corporations that own our local TV, Newspaper, and Radio Stations – So, that’s why you weren’t told, it’s not only about tolls.

But, I’m beginning to accept the fact that the people might deserve just what they get, because it has become quite pathetic to watch how easily they accept being used as X-tras, by these corporate shills in their carefully scripted Machiavellian productions.

FED UP in RI – from the beginning is the only organization trying to expose this collaboration – once again having to stand alone under great suppression. And that is why we will continue in our efforts as the only voice in Rhode Island opposing “PRIVATIZATION”- because, before the ink is dry…. this may be the most outrageous scandal that is about to happen.

Behind closed doors they’re probably already practicing their Private-Predatory-Ponzi (P3) advertisements;

“Rhode Island’s Vulnerable public assets await your predatory attention. Big Returns on Investment (ROI) is assured!”

“Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up and privatize your public infrastructure treasures financed by generations of previous taxpayers! Give them to Wall Street and Mega Corporations – whom you just bailed out at discount prices – and let them earn fantastic, guaranteed rates of return for decades to come while cutting amenities and ignoring evolving public needs. You poor bewildered taxpayers can continue to shoulder the high-risk, long-term investments. And if any of those other public assets begin to look attractive – say, the Internet, wifi spectrum or federally financed drug research — why, we’ll be sure to swoop down and be first to take them away from you. After all, we have more money and better access to your elected leaders than you do!”

The “piratizers” (as the privatizing lobby has come
to be called) are out not merely to grab roads,
bridges, and other pieces of the public
infrastructure, but also to put corporations in
charge of practically all government services. What
we have here is essentially an effort to displace
government— removing the public from control of basic
aspects of our lives. Among the targets that already
are experiencing corporate takeovers:
■ Public schools
■ Hospitals
■ Postal service
■ Pensions
■ Parks
■ Police
■ Military forces
■ Welfare services
■ Child support enforcement
■ Tax collection
■ Courts/juries
Prisons etc, etc, etc.


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