The Cool Moose Party mourns the death of it’s Founder

Bob - wallpaper1

It is with broken hearts and profound sadness that we acknowledge the sudden and unexpected death of our comrade and beloved Founder of the Cool Moose Party, Bob Healey.

Words can neither describe our great loss and sorrow, nor our love and respect for all that he was and gave to us. Losing our Visionary Leader so suddenly has been shocking – as it is so hard and so painful to think that he has left us. We can only take some solace in that our dear friend passed away the way he would have chosen, peacefully in his sleep this past Sunday, on March 20th, 2016.

We have not only lost our leader, but many of us have also lost our cherished friend and ally.

We are forever thankful for his vision, his profound sense of justice, his belief in human dignity and possibility in all circumstances. He was a man whose head and heart were directed at promoting the betterment of others. An honest, caring man who made a difference, who propelled us to follow his example and act on our convictions.

Fearless in his deeds and his words, Bob accomplished more in his too-short life than others accomplish over a full lifetime. On one hand that intensifies our sadness over his loss, knowing how much more of an impact he could have had, but on the other hand at least we can take some solace in marveling at and taking inspiration from what he was able to do for so many during his life’s journey. There were so many people Bob positively affected in his lifetime.

A genuine, kind, and inclusive person with a great sense of humor and an incredible mind, Bob lived life with purpose – who endured with a spirit, a perseverance, and strength that helped those of us around him to be equally confident. His ability to speak his truth, regardless of who listened, is a lesson to be learned. Perhaps, the best word to describe Bob Healey is – courageous.

Bob never backed down from a fight and challenged anyone who tried to stop him, and he empowered those around him to do the same. Bob changed lives forever. To be able to reach out and touch so many peoples life’s in so many different ways and to do so without seeking might, nor power. It was no castle of dreams he was trying to build, but a solid edifice fashioned, brick by brick, of trust among people, of inspiration and enthusiasm and self-confidence. To dare, (even against all odds), to put it quite simply – to make a difference for the better. But, even the mightiest and bravest of men do pass away, tired and weary of fighting. We just wish Bob could have witnessed, that more people understood this before he left us.

But, even as we mourn, we are confident that the depth of his spirit and memory will live on – the greatest legacy a leader can leave, because “To do that which is of value is forever. A person called forth by his work does not die for his name is raised and remembered because of it.” And so it is and will be for The Cool Moose, Robert J. Healey Jr., who would not, could not, and did not sit down while the struggle continued. His work and his life will remain our inspiration as we live unapologetically true to our convictions. He would expect no less.

We have been truly blessed by our association that spanned for over 20 years and for the special times we were able to spend together. There are so many things we will miss. His keen mind, big heart and undeniable faith in humanity. His creativity, honesty, generosity, and work ethic. His straightforward style and love for the truth. We will miss his biting wit, his single minded focus, and the knowledge and guidance he always provided. But most of all, what we really will miss – is the Bob Healey so few got to know… beyond the hair.

God has your back now our friend. May your Memory be a Blessing that guides us through these uncertain times and these awesome endeavors before us.

Rest in Peace, brother Warrior. We’ll keep going, but the journey’s going to be less fun without you.

Forever loved and remembered ∞
The Cool Moose Party


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