Bills sponsored by Rhode Island’s ‘Lawyer Legislators’ at the end of the session

 These companion Bills are a perfect example of

“The Devil in the Details”… Lawyer BillFINAL1

Because, we predict that these Bills will pass and no one will have a clue – except for the sponsors – what the ‘hell’ is in them.

Take a look for yourself. Does anyone really think that the Representatives at the end of the session have the time to read and understand them? Of course not.

These kind of major revisions need a study commission to surgically assess their intent and possible consequences.

That’s why the “Raimondo Administration” who requested these sweeping changes to the State’s ‘Administrative Procedures’ – were held for passage at the very end of the session – after the House and Senate (48 hr. Notice) rules were suspended!

6-15-16  ~ UPDATE ~   Just as we predicted…

Admin Bill FINAL ONE


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