“Generally” Speaking…

 Just a few “general” observations leading up to the close of the 2016 “General” Assembly Legislative Session


There are laws and there are rules, and the two should not be confused. Laws are written ‘generally’ – that’s why they call them ‘General’ Laws. Most general laws enacted via legislation require detailed rules to be promulgated in accordance with the newly created law to give it full force and effect. Many read a law and think that’s all there is, forgetting about the rules adopted under it. That’s a big mistake, because that’s where the “devil in the details” exist, and where the real work in researching begins.

When you have legislators proposing Bills who don’t know what the hell they’re doing, and state agencies writing rules who know even less, it’s a recipe for fostering conflicts and perpetual struggles for the lawyers and the courts to unravel the mess. And so goes Rhode Island’s culture of dysfunction, brought to you by our very own “Legislator Loons”, whereas, no one is safe when they are sitting in the asylum on Smith Hill.

Every time you look away, and look back, they are making more and more laws with the swipe of their pens, and trying to get away with more and more unconstitutional rules controlling the fates of our Citizens. Our founders warned us of this… it’s our own fault we haven’t been more diligent.

What’s the point in fearing jail time when the government and our Representatives are already at it, building the jail around the citizenry… law-by-law & rule by rule? Building physical jails brick-by-brick is for amateurs. I’ve never been to jail but I can see the walls moving in quickly around society.

I guess we should be grateful that we have a part-time Legislature, because to date 2,431 Bills have been introduced, and that number would only grow if they sat longer!

Now, although many of these Bills will not pass, it’s disgusting this many were even introduced, considering the new laws are added to the old, that already control and regulate YOU.

Makes you wonder who’s working for who?

So, during this election season when a politician asks you for your vote, please ask them if they know what the word “REPEAL” means? (as in too many unconstitutional and repressive laws) And if they don’t – remind them that you do… it’s called withholding ‘YOUR CONSENT’ as written in the Declaration of Independence!

“Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the ‘CONSENT’ of the governed.”

Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776

Gloria Garvin



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