When votes no longer count – it’s time to withhold them from an ‘unconstitutional government’ that has become ‘illegitimate’!!

Abused emotionally and manipulated economically by a political system who uses its laws to diminish our rights, if not erase them – are significant factors in deliberately fostering a populous full of despair and apathy. We are living in a culture of fear and mistrust, that allows this impunity to reign.

They’ve stolen everything else – now they’re after our votes… at what point do we say, no more, and draw the line in the sand?

The time has come to defect from BOTH PARTIES who’ve hijacked our Country for too long – and tell these Traitors of our Nation, that…”they no longer deserve our VOTES”!

Fed Up in RI



‘Whenever tragedy strikes, like the senseless massacre of 50 innocent lives in Orlando, a period of shock and mourning, and necessary examination of the event, inevitably and justifiably follows.

However, it remains imperative to pay close attention to additional ongoing current events which occur in the meantime — that often, opportunistic politicians like Hillary Clinton, take advantage of the distractions to slip through their agendas.

The fact that electronic vote rigging is currently taking place in our country, while the mainstream corporate media remains curiously silent, indicates a massive fraud being perpetrated on the American public. This isn’t a partisan issue, but one that slashes across the political spectrum and should alarm every American citizen.

The time has come to ask ourselves who is behind the stealing of U.S. elections, and maybe more importantly; why does nobody in a position of authority seem interested in finding out?

Thankfully it is not being ignored by all, because a major lawsuit exposing probable electoral fraud in eleven states could effectively alter the landscape of the presidential race.

Slated to be filed by the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity, the lawsuit presents evidence of statistically impossible differences between exit polls and electronic vote totals.

According to computer security experts, when differences between exit polls and vote totals surpass 2 percent, it’s an indication the vote needs to be examined. In fact, the U.S. government uses that margin for potentially stolen elections in other nations.

For this lawsuit, results of Democratic primaries in several states far exceed the 2 percent margin — discrepancies in favor of Hillary Clinton exceed 5 percent in Arkansas, Ohio, Texas, and Oklahoma. Massachusetts and Tennessee show discrepancies in Clinton’s favor in excess of 8 percent — and in Georgia the difference is 11.9 percent. In Alabama, that discrepancy in the former Secretary of State is an astronomical 13.9 percent.

Nothing to see here, folks?  Or, considering the corporate media blackout of this apparent massive fraud — it’s entirely probable an orchestrated event and the thieving of the 2016 election occurred.’ NOW, THINK ABOUT THAT.

So, please share this crucial information with every person you know, and shout it from your lap-tops...




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