Zero Hearings FINAL1

Some Last words;

After monitoring and tracking legislation for most of the year – now that the 2016 Legislative Session has finally come to an end, it’s time to stand-down and take a breath, and assess the damage after the dust settles.

Fed Up in RI will be posting less in the coming months, to tend to some important things that were put on hold until now that need our undivided attention, so we apologize ahead of time that our postings will be less frequent during the Summer season. But don’t think that means we won’t be working hard. It only means we’re changing direction that requires our focus, which we will be up-dating and posting as we proceed forward.

So we’d like to take this opportunity to Thank the following for the great jobs they did this past session who served the citizens well, even though the people didn’t know it:

To the girls in Law Revision — A BIG THANK-YOU for all your cooperation in putting up with Fed Up’s calls from the Patio! ☎ ‘Kathy’

To the State Librarians — who were always polite and helpful, especially Tom Evans, with his wealth of knowledge, who we don’t know what R.I. will do without – when he retires!

And last but not least, Fed Up in RI also sincerely THANKS the many Representatives and leadership who listened to our concerns behind the scenes, by refusing their sponsorship and votes in committee hearings – blocking from going forward some of the most dangerous pieces of legislation introduced this session (which will be explained in detail in the near future).

Yes, much of Fed Up’s “Pro-Bono” work is done behind the scenes, in trying to level the playing field ‘For the People’, because sometimes we have to fight fire with fire, and if that makes us lobbyist – so be it.

As we have said before, and we maintain, “Fed Up in RI will be more than happy to register with the Secretary of State as Lobbyists… right after  Michael Corso does – and NOT a minute sooner!!  We’re in receipt of the Secretary’s letters (threats), and we take this position in drawing our line-in-the-sand…. that the game of “Double-Standards” for the politically connected will no longer be tolerated under our watch in Rhode Island. Get it straight.

With that said, we wish everyone a Happy & Safe Summer.  Rhode Island is safer today than we’ve been for awhile –with what we know- it could have been a lot worse, so go create some great memories in this beautiful State of Rhode Island!

Fed Up in RI

Fed Up - 307_n


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