Friends of Gina are being well-served under this embarrassing administration

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 Gina Raimondo is one of America’s (Least) Popular Leaders – Yet nationally she is on the list of the 50 Greatest Leaders in the WORLD!  38th in the WORLD, People… think about that!

Wanna know what that “commissioned” ranking cost Rhode Islanders?

Over 526 New Government Hires, with six-figure salaries… given to her ‘Yale  connected alumni’ and ‘Wall Street’ Pals!

** A summary provided by the Department of Administration, showed at least 526 NEW HIRES yielding 6 figure incomes since Governor Raimondo took office in January 2015, and – For the Record: 271 of the new hires are in newly created jobs that did not exist on the state payroll before Raimondo took office. While Rhode Island lost 3,900 jobs in just the last two months. See: R.I. Economy: 3,900 jobs lost in last two months

Among all of the nation’s governors, polling shows Raimondo is No. 7 among the nation’s most UN-popular governors, and in a survey taken of more than 66,000 voters from January until early May, 2016, she ranks as the second-worst Democrat in R.I..

Raimondo is scoring just 30.5 percent approval of her performance after 16 months in office. She is topped only by nearby Dan Malloy of Connecticut, whose approval rating is only 29%.

Although the survey found the number of voters who disapprove of Raimondo is growing – does anyone else find it ironic that at the time of her greatest decline in rating approvals — she was miraculously chosen as one of the 50 Greatest World Leaders… for what?

So, was this a “sham” commissioned honor bestowed upon her, in return for taxpayers dollars doled out for her new hires with their Washington connections who made this  happen? Damn straight it was – right out of Obama’s playbook – as in being chosen for the Nobel Peace Prize, when his ratings fell…for what?

Look at how many people the governor has hired (out of state), their names and from where they came, how many raises she has given, and just how many “new” positions she has created. How do think such an inept hack gets invited to Davos? Or gets herself named 38th of the Worlds best leaders?

Maybe it’s for her allowing our state to be used as a test case for the rest of the country, at the behest of her powerful out-of-state financiers. Or, just maybe, it’s also because… the citizens of RI paid for it!

With that said, the question is, with over two and a half years to go, how much more can Rhode Island afford to sacrifice for her personal goals? We all know it’s not to make RI a great place to live. If anything, it’s to rob as much as she possibly can from the taxpayer and give it directly over to her friends for HER own benefit.

Just as she did with the cuts to workers’ benefits that were used to pay her Wall Street hedge fund friends their skyrocketing fees that grew from $11 million to $70 million in return for their campaign contributions. If this sounds familiar, you would be right – it’s straight from Hillary’s play book – as in profits from uranium, etc., etc.!

Are Gina & Andy — the next Hillary & Bill? Of course they are! It’s the plan. That’s why Andy boy was featured in Glamour magazines blog as “America’s Newest Power Couple”! (even though it was all about Gina) There now, doesn’t it all begin to make sense?

Too bad she’s learned about all she holds dear – from the best that Washington has to offer. Cronyism, corruption, help the 1st hubby’s career and help line his pockets, help your Wall Street friends get richer off the backs of the average worker while stealing from the state coffers. Ho hum, all in a day’s work for Gina Raimondo.

Is it all becoming clear?

Her Governorship of RI is a fallacy. It’s only to make a name for herself and move on, and she’ll say and do whatever that takes!

Unfortunately, as she uses Rhode Island as her stepping stone to Washington, WE are stuck in the real world dealing with the reality behind the Raimondo’s fairy tale.
~ In the opinion of Fed Up in RI ~



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