Gina Raimondo’s Governorship of Rhode Island is a Fallacy


Gina Raimondo is one of America’s (Least) Popular Leaders – and Rhode Island is America’s ’50th’ WORST State. Yet nationally she is on the list of the 50 Greatest Leaders in the WORLD! People…Think about that?

Recent polling shows Raimondo is No. 7 among the nation’s most UN-popular governors. Raimondo is scoring just 30.5 percent approval of her performance since taking office. She is topped only by nearby Dan Malloy of Connecticut, whose approval rating is only 29%, and ranked #43 for worst business.

While the survey found the number of voters who disapprove of Raimondo is growing – does anyone else find it ironic – that at the time of her greatest decline in approval ratings — she was miraculously chosen by Fortune Magazine as one of the 50 Greatest World Leaders… for what? Because she’s disliked so much & on her watch R.I. is on Life-Support @ the very bottom??

So, was this a “sham” Title bestowed upon her, in return for taxpayers dollars doled out to her new hires with the right Wall Street connections who made this happen? Damn straight it was – right out of Obama’s playbook – like when he was chosen for the Nobel Peace Prize… for what? – when his ratings plummeted.

** A summary provided by the Department of Administration, showed at least 526 NEW HIRES yielding 6 figure incomes since Governor Raimondo took office in January 2015, and – For the Record: 271 of the new hires are in newly created jobs that did not exist on the state payroll before Raimondo took office. While Rhode Island lost 3,900 jobs in just two months.

All smoke & mirrors. They think the people are stupid – so the least we can do is let them know WE ARE NOT… we see right through it!


Note: FBI, SEC & US Attorney’s Office asked to investigate Raimondo’s pension policies (UPDATED) January 14, 2016 –




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