Something happened in the State of Rhode Island last week that you may not be aware of… over 37,000 of you may have changed the course of Gina Raimondo’s political future – through the “Power of Social Media”

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 For those who visit Fed Up in RI, we want to thank you for coming, and want you to know that our site is seen by many more than you may think. Whether you participate with comments or take the time to read, we appreciate your interest and value each and every one of your views. That is why, after consideration, we’ve decided to share with you what we see that the public doesn’t, because in this case – the above screen-shot happens to be part of ‘The Rest of the Story’ that took place this past Friday, on July 22nd., when Hillary Clinton announced her selection of Tim Kaine for Vice President, prior to the Democratic National Convention kick off in Philadelphia today.

LAST WEEK FED UP IN RI posted about Gina’s prolific out-of-state hirings that can only be viewed as expensive cronyism, in relation to our state’s high unemployment. We further highlighted in our post above, without mincing words, that her new title of “38th Greatest World Leader” was probably bought and paid for with the spending of additional millions to hire unqualified pals for all sorts of made-up positions – costing Rhode Islanders dearly each and every day. We also showed she’s been busy marketing herself – NOT Rhode Island, using the name of Governor as her calling card with taxpayer’s dollars to fund it, while greasing the palms of so many, from Wall Street and beyond, to ensure a positive light is always spun ‘nationally’ on her at every turn.

However, that wasn’t the whole story, and we knew it, because we only needed to open up the conversation at the time decisions were being made before the start of the convention. So, we posted what we had to say and turned it over to YOU, the ‘People of Rhode Island’ to take it the rest of the way. And, YOU DID! That is why we decided to let you see for yourself what we believe you accomplished, through your many shares and comments, in spreading the word about the real Gina Raimondo we’ve all come to know here in Rhode Island, that pierced her national veil of silence at the pivotal point when she was being vetted for her next celebrity role.

Please take a good look at the screen shot above and the number of those who followed and reached by our last post. That’s right, it was over 37,000 people, many just like you, who are tired of Gina Raimondo and her “I am better than you” attitude.

So did it effect her politically?

Well, here’s the news – when Gina arrives at the Democratic National Convention tomorrow, Rhode Island can be proud – that there will be no false pomp and ceremony awaiting the Governor from R.I.. In fact, not only did she not make the cut for V.P., she wasn’t even able to finagle a guest spot on the national stage introducing her BFF Hillary. Nor was she invited to give a speech or partake in any on-stage activities. Raimondo doesn’t have a speaking slot on the floor of the convention, and she is only scheduled to speak at panels on infrastructure and a computer science program. However, because they know Gina is all about titles and smoke & mirrors – they gave her, among others the ‘purely ceremonial honorary title of  a co-chair’, and were kind enough to throw her a bone by ‘letting’ her schedule the panel discussions on infrastructure and computer science, because they know no better that she doesn’t have a clue about either of those subjects. See: But heck, let’s give her a pass. It’s not often Gina gets marginalized by her own superior class. This is one for the books, and it’s well deserved – because it’s how she’s been treating the people of Rhode Island through her Machiavellian statecraft focused on her own self-interest and personal gain, so maybe she’ll learn something from it.

Hillary - Tim Kaine FINAL 2

As the simple time-line below will show, you’re visits and involvement this past week were more important than you may know, because, without your knowledge, we believe your participation and public scrutiny may have thwarted Gina Raimondo’s efforts to be considered for ANYTHING!

‘The Rest of the Story’ in summation…

Was Hillary’s CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Sister – Governor Gina Raimondo of R.I., being groomed from the beginning to be the Vice President pick on a Clinton all-female ticket? In looking at the circumstantial evidence… we believe the answer is YES!

And, were these events and many others part of a well coordinated PR led effort to “create” a candidate under the synonym of Governor of Rhode island? Based on the circumstantial evidence… YES again!

That’s why Fed Up in RI believed last week was extremely important for a hopeful Gina Raimondo, who, since being elected has been very calculating in her efforts to gain national press attention to elevate her own national profile, only caring to enhance her image on a national level, while her statewide constituency approval ratings continue to plummet, because she benefits that the national press only knows her national reputation, in aligning herself for a federal appointment, bid for Congress, or, via Clinton’s Presidential run – the Oval Office.

However, what Gina forgot – as early-on reported, when Clinton’s people first broached the topic of a potential all-female ticket, they stated, ‘while there are some solid female contenders that Clinton’s aides are surely vetting, including Gina Raimondo’ – Clinton’s people are looking for someone that “doesn’t have any known baggage to speak of.” So, there you have it – Gina’s Baggage… if the Cat were ever to get out of the bag!

Raimondo & Bill - VP post - FINAL 2

But even then, Gina may survive it, because though Elizabeth Warren was also mentioned, Warren and Clinton reportedly aren’t especially friendly with each other – unlike Gina, whose Love affair with the Clintons goes way back to her days in college.

So, with time of the essence, Fed Up in RI decided to take action through ”THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA” in revealing local facts that had been hidden from the national arena, because we are aware of the reach of the messages, that others are still unaware of.

In that way, Face Book can be very deceiving, in particular, that the public is only able to see the amount of likes, comments and shares on any given page. However, behind the scenes we are able to see the full picture of the amounts of views and engagement generated. And so, it is for that reason, we decided to give you a glimpse into what Face Book only allows administrators of their pages to see in sharing the screen shot above, so you – the People of R.I., start to understand what we see behind the scenes… that you are not alone, your voices have never been more important and are being heard by more than you know.

Gina was taught a lesson… that the people’s voices beat out her big time connections!  So, Great Job Rhode Islanders –


Enjoy the Convention more than the Governor

Lesson 1 and counting…

Ref:  Original Fed Up in RI Post –


One thought on “Something happened in the State of Rhode Island last week that you may not be aware of… over 37,000 of you may have changed the course of Gina Raimondo’s political future – through the “Power of Social Media”

  1. I don’t believe she was ever a serious choice for V.P. Just a little talk…..gets your name some recognition….”she was once considered”….I think that’s commonly done. But the light still needs to shine on her, she’s a charlatan.

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