This is what the Face of Hypocrisy looks like…

 Gina Raimondo has spent more time as governor being Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager – using the ‘States’ Office of the Governor as Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Headquarters!
AFTER Hillary received the Democratic nomination for President at the National Convention – NOW, Governor Raimondo takes the position…. “IT WOULD NEVER BE APPROPRIATE FOR A STATE AGENCY TO MAKE A POLITICAL STATEMENT.” Because we wouldn’t want anyone to think that there is any political bias in Rhode Island’s state government!
So, the only question left…. Is Rhode Island’s Governor a two-faced Hypocrite or just Bat-shit Crazy? If it’s the first – she has a promising political future… if the later – she may not be qualified to hold the position of Chief Executive of Rhode Island’s state government any longer.

Raimondo - FINAL1  Hey Gina, in-case you didn’t know — the Governor’s Office IS a “state agency” located in the State of Rhode Island. (not Iceland)

We know your focus has only been on the ‘National’ level, so we understand your confusion.

However, Rhode Islanders may benefit more if you use some of our PR dollars slated for tourism – for a therapist, because since you’ve been in public office as Treasurer, and now as Governor… You’ve Been Nothing But A Crazy-Maker!

So, get some help girl, because if you don’t — the people may need to Recall you due to the ‘Malignant Hypocrisy’ you suffer from.Raimondo and hillary - FINAL 1Was Gina’s  “POLITICAL” message written on the Governor’s Letterhead above ‘posted accidentally when she thought she was logged into her personal account’, because “it was not her intent” to promote Hillary for President these past six months – starting in February??TWEET - FINAL1However, THIS Tweet from The Rhode Island Department of Health was taken down right after it was posted because Raimondo will not tolerate the political connotation of the word “INSPIRED” under her ‘Do as I SAY – not as I DO’ hypocritical perverted mindset.  Much like Hillary – Gina feels the rules only apply to others.

Is Gina’s latest brain-fart her new campaign to re-brand Rhode Island from being the most corrupt – to being the most NUTS?

Because…. “IT’S WORKING”!

cooler & warmer logo-Draft 2


Rhode Island state agency deletes political tweet


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