What will YOU do now?

 What the people voted for was a new version of a new President with a vision to make the changes necessary for the time we live in, because there was never a valid, logical argument for Hillary Clinton as someone who wants to address the problems we face and find viable solutions. She was a candidate of excuses! Our country has become a country of excuses, from congress to the I.R.S. and the F.B.I., along with every alphabet agency in between, including our Judiciary – from the Supreme Court down, we have witnessed it first hand. So the choice was not for the person, but for the message… we want a country of solutions – not excuses. And that is why, the cold hard truth is – even Democrats voted Trump for President.

Whether he will live up to the people’s expectations, only time will tell. The job is immense, our adversaries are cunning. So, regardless of the party banner, we must unite and keep our eyes on the real prize, “Restoring the Constitution and the ‘Republic’ for which it stands”, so all our people can thrive in peace and security.

We have a government at war against the very foundation upon which it was created. In order to hide the magnitude of its descent, it redefines words and changes their meanings, and what we once knew to be right, we are told it wrong. Our American culture has turned upon itself, because when you can’t trust your government, it fosters mistrust among ourselves, instead of rising up against it with one united voice.

Our voices should not be silenced by whoever is chosen President, and so, if this campaign has taught us nothing else, “WE” must take part in our own governance, “WE” must not be afraid to speak the truth. “WE” must give voice to what must be spoken. “WE” must sound the alarms that must be sounded. “WE” must address what must be addressed if “WE” are to save our Republic.

If this message is not politically correct, so be it. It is not political. The truth is something we must stop apologizing for if “WE ALL” want honor restored to the future course of our nation.

We will not make a better world if we can’t engage with those we disagree with. The choice is ours to come together, or remain divided.


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