“Time Grows Short For The Voice Of Change”

This is a subject that isn’t addressed, mainly because it’s been suppressed. It goes without saying some will dismiss it out of disbelief, or to conceal it, but for those who have lived it – it is all too real.

Revenge campaigns are called by many names, from “Covert Harassment“, “Targeted Individuals” (TIs), “Organized Bullying, “State-Sponsored Terrorism”, or what our President and others have referred to as “The Deep State”. Whatever one calls it – one thing’s for sure, it can completely destroy a person’s life leaving no evidence to incriminate those involved as they are able to exercise their bullying tactics without illegality, since they do not threaten to kill their enemies, but to starve them economically. To disable them, every aspect of life is potentially under attack, from employment and relationships to health and survival, with the intention to destroy the targeted individual psychologically, socially and financially.  Simply speaking, waging a war of attrition, is a ‘Design Feature’ used against individuals who speak out against them.

It’s hard to imagine, that the founder of Rhode Island, and the founders of our great country, ever envisioned that the day would come when it’s citizens would live in fear for speaking in favor of our Constitutions, or even worse, place them in danger of being targeted for retaliation, through what has come to be known as ‘government sanctioned covert operations” to silence those who are in the trenches, quietly fighting everyday to defend and preserve not only their own, but YOUR Rights and Independence.  Look it up, it’s real, and it’s happening. This is why those who are in power, from the lowest levels of government to the very highest, act with impunity, because they are protected by an ever expanding federal/corporate bureaucracy that engages in such Stasi-type activities.  

Most targets seem to be whistle-blowers, political activists, and outspoken, or, as the late Attorney George E. Babcock put it – “the voice of change”.  Anyone with the right connections can have anyone targeted, so all you have to do is piss off the wrong people to be on the list, which is why ‘Targeted Individuals’ have little to no chance,  because those that could help are either enlisted, or forced into silence – least they become a target.

If you don’t think this can happen in Rhode Island… it already has. You just didn’t know it.

So, the question is, how many have left in silence, and how many more will it take, before these wrongs are righted?  Do we have enough virtue–enough willingness to sacrifice our private desires and security, to protect Liberty for all in Rhode Island? Can our republic survive our selfishness? THESE are the questions that MUST be asked and answered before we can truly say we live in the state of “The Independent Man”.

What was set into motion over two-hundred years ago has been systematically hijacked by the very government that was created to preserve it. Therefore, protecting Rights is not a “do nothing” job, especially under a government so hostile to Individual Liberty, which in many ways makes it harder and even more dangerous today to defend our freedoms than our forefathers faced.  One’s things for sure, it’s not a part time en devour, or for the faint of heart either.  It’s a never ending mission — a lifetime commitment.  Just ask Bob Healey, founder of the Cool Moose Party, who dedicated his life’s-work to it. Oh, wait, we can’t – he is no longer with us. 

You see, it’s not what you think…

It wasn’t only loosing him that brought us to our knees — it was WHY.

– Gloria Garvin 12/5/2017

1 Corinthians 4:5… Therefore judge nothing before the proper time;
He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men’s hearts.


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