Was the Commission that was founded to investigate

voter fraud… a fraud itself?

Steve Bannon helped launch Cambridge Analytica with the financial backing of the wealthy Mercer family and oversaw Cambridge Analytica’s early efforts to collect troves of Facebook data as part of an ambitious program to build detailed profiles of millions of American voters.

Ken Block, founder of Simpatico Software, and two-time Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate, did a computer analysis of the potential for voter fraud funded by the Government Accountability Institute, which was co-founded by Steve Bannon and the GOP’s mega donor – the wealthy Mercer family.

Cambridge Analytica specializes in what’s called “psychographic” profiling, meaning they use data collected online to create personality profiles for voters. They then take that information and target individuals with specifically tailored content.

If you use the internet or social media, you leave behind a digital trail of crumbs. Every post you like, every tweet you retweet, every thread you participate in — it’s all data up for collection and input.

Cambridge Analytica, a company created by Robert Mercer, a billionaire patron of right-wing outlets like Breitbart News, has been swallowing up all the data they can get.

“The controversy over Cambridge Analytica’s data collection erupted in recent days amid news reports that an app created by a Cambridge University psychologist, Aleksandr Kogan, accessed extensive personal data of 50 million Facebook users. The company ran afoul of Facebook because it used a quiz app to gather data from users’ Facebook accounts—and those of their friends. The app, called thisisyourdigitallife, was downloaded by 270,000 users. Facebook’s policy, which has since changed, allowed Kogan to also collect data – including names, home towns, religious affiliations and ‘likes’ – on all of the Facebook “friends” of those users. Kogan shared that data with Cambridge Analytica for its growing database on American voters.

Bannon apparently sold the concept of psychological profiling to the billionaire Mercer family, as an unprecedented way to provoke and push the American electorate to the far right, which resulted in the Mercers pouring millions into Cambridge Analytica.

  • On January 3rd, 2018, President Trump signed an executive order to dissolve Steve Bannon’s Government Accountability Institute’s Voter Fraud Commission after States – like Rhode Island, balked at the data requests to hand over reams of personal voter information, including voters’ names, voting histories, social security numbers, driver licenses, passports, race, and party affiliations.
  • The Federal Trade Commission has opened an investigation into Facebook to determine whether the social media platform violated a 2011 consent decree governing its privacy policies when it allowed the data collection.”
  • And, Facebook on Friday banned the parent company of Cambridge Analytica for improperly sharing that data.

So, was the Voter Fraud Commission about election integrity? Or was it instead a front to obtain additional voter information? The answer to that we may never know… because the operation was shut down prior to the data breach announcement.

However, what we do know – is it’s beyond hypocritical to scream about voter fraud and federal election law compliance – when the elections themselves are being manipulated by the same Big Data-Miners!


Stephen K. Bannon – Chairman:

Breitbart News and the Government Accountability Institute (both funded by his political patrons, Robert and Rebekah Mercer)

He also served as CEO of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and as senior counselor to the 45th president for the first seven months of his term.

Kenneth Block – President:
Simpatico Software Systems, Inc.
Cross Alert Systems, Inc.
Associated Businesses:
HLC Settlement Services, Inc.


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