What will YOU do now?

 What the people voted for was a new version of a new President with a vision to make the changes necessary for the time we live in, because there was never a valid, logical argument for Hillary Clinton as someone who wants to address the problems we face and find viable solutions. She was a candidate of excuses! Our country has become a country of excuses, from congress to the I.R.S. and the F.B.I., along with every alphabet agency in between, including our Judiciary – from the Supreme Court down, we have witnessed it first hand. So the choice was not for the person, but for the message… we want a country of solutions – not excuses. And that is why, the cold hard truth is – even Democrats voted Trump for President.

Whether he will live up to the people’s expectations, only time will tell. The job is immense, our adversaries are cunning. So, regardless of the party banner, we must unite and keep our eyes on the real prize, “Restoring the Constitution and the ‘Republic’ for which it stands”, so all our people can thrive in peace and security.

We have a government at war against the very foundation upon which it was created. In order to hide the magnitude of its descent, it redefines words and changes their meanings, and what we once knew to be right, we are told it wrong. Our American culture has turned upon itself, because when you can’t trust your government, it fosters mistrust among ourselves, instead of rising up against it with one united voice.

Our voices should not be silenced by whoever is chosen President, and so, if this campaign has taught us nothing else, “WE” must take part in our own governance, “WE” must not be afraid to speak the truth. “WE” must give voice to what must be spoken. “WE” must sound the alarms that must be sounded. “WE” must address what must be addressed if “WE” are to save our Republic.

If this message is not politically correct, so be it. It is not political. The truth is something we must stop apologizing for if “WE ALL” want honor restored to the future course of our nation.

We will not make a better world if we can’t engage with those we disagree with. The choice is ours to come together, or remain divided.

“The full deposition transcripts and exhibits are not part of the court record in this case.”

According to the Court’s own statement, the People were not served full disclosure – but thrown crumbs from only half a loaf…. and the Press didn’t mention any of this!

38-cout-papers2One year later, what Rhode Island’s media still has NOT reported, is that on September 24, 2015, when the Rhode Island Superior Court released the thousands of documents and deposition transcription excerpts that were previously sealed, the court also issued the above “disclaimer” pertaining to the limited nature of the documents that were released to the public. Had this important disclaimer been explained – that the lawyers in the case chose what would be disclosed – it would have come as no surprise later why criminal evidence of wrongdoing was not exposed.

Source: https://www.courts.ri.gov/Courts/SuperiorCourt/Pages/38Studios.aspx

Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation v. Wells Fargo Securities, LLC, et al.

(38 Studios) Civil Action Number: PB-2012-5616

The Superior Court has ordered documents in the above-referenced case, which were previously under seal or marked non-public or confidential, to be public. The documents can be viewed at the following link under the heading of Court Records:

Pursuant to Super.R.Civ.P. 5(d), transcripts of depositions “shall not be filed with the court until they are used in the proceeding or the court orders their filing.” Although portions of various deposition transcripts have been filed with pleadings in the above-referenced case by the parties, the full transcripts of the depositions have not been filed with the Superior Court. The deposition transcripts and exhibits in the above-referenced case have been released by the parties for the public to view. The full deposition transcripts and exhibits are not part of the court record in this case. The deposition transcripts and exhibits can be viewed at the link listed above under the heading of Deposition Transcripts and Exhibits Released by Attorneys.

The documents will be open for viewing at the link above until December 31, 2015.


Fed Up Smaller


 Fed Up in RI purposely delayed in supplying our analysis in response to R.I. law enforcement’s finding of no criminal charges in the 38 Studios probe, because in understanding how R.I. works, we believe as important as the decision is, it is as important to observe the actions of others following such an event. For that reason, Fed Up in RI is compelled (once again) to reveal ‘THE OBVIOUS’, that is not being brought to the people’s attention…

OF COURSE NO CRIMINAL CHARGES WERE FOUND IN THE 38 STUDIOS INVESTIGATION – BECAUSE, ACCORDING TO THE RHODE ISLAND STATE POLICE AND RHODE ISLAND ATTORNEY GENERAL… NO CRIMINAL CHARGES WERE OFFERED FOR GRAND JURY CONSIDERATION”. So, how can a legitimate finding of no criminal charges be rendered when the Grand Jury was not allowed to even consider the question of criminality? To add insult to injury, at the conclusion of this charade, or better put, ‘conspiracy to obstruct justice’, we find it outrageous that Attorney General Peter Kilmartin marginalizes the people’s concerns by calling them all “CYNICS”! We remind the Attorney General, the people are not cynics — they are hardworking taxpaying citizens who have been coerced into paying 38 Studio bondholders millions! Therefore, Fed Up in RI calls FOUL!

We bring your attention to what is stated in the document entitled;  “Results of the Criminal Investigation of 38 Studios, LLC Issued by the RI State Police and the RI Office of Attorney General”.

Although the ACLU, and other groups reference this document regarding the privacy of the Grand Jury, in rightly calling for the release of records, Fed Up in RI is much more troubled by the statements made that go to the heart of the investigation. Whereas, ‘this document outlines the scope of the investigation by the Rhode Island State Police and Rhode Island Attorney General of (“38 Studios”), as well as the results of their investigation.’ At the outset, it is important to stress that the sole focus of this investigation was to determine if there was sufficient probable cause to charge any individual (public or private) with a criminal violation of the Rhode Island General Laws. What demanded our attention, as quoted – is their investigation was so narrow and specific in focus that “NO CRIMINAL CHARGES WERE OFFERED FOR GRAND JURY CONSIDERATION”. [emphasis added]

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This is what the Face of Hypocrisy looks like…

 Gina Raimondo has spent more time as governor being Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager – using the ‘States’ Office of the Governor as Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Headquarters!
AFTER Hillary received the Democratic nomination for President at the National Convention – NOW, Governor Raimondo takes the position…. “IT WOULD NEVER BE APPROPRIATE FOR A STATE AGENCY TO MAKE A POLITICAL STATEMENT.” Because we wouldn’t want anyone to think that there is any political bias in Rhode Island’s state government!
So, the only question left…. Is Rhode Island’s Governor a two-faced Hypocrite or just Bat-shit Crazy? If it’s the first – she has a promising political future… if the later – she may not be qualified to hold the position of Chief Executive of Rhode Island’s state government any longer.

Raimondo - FINAL1  Hey Gina, in-case you didn’t know — the Governor’s Office IS a “state agency” located in the State of Rhode Island. (not Iceland)

We know your focus has only been on the ‘National’ level, so we understand your confusion.

However, Rhode Islanders may benefit more if you use some of our PR dollars slated for tourism – for a therapist, because since you’ve been in public office as Treasurer, and now as Governor… You’ve Been Nothing But A Crazy-Maker!

So, get some help girl, because if you don’t — the people may need to Recall you due to the ‘Malignant Hypocrisy’ you suffer from.Raimondo and hillary - FINAL 1Was Gina’s  “POLITICAL” message written on the Governor’s Letterhead above ‘posted accidentally when she thought she was logged into her personal account’, because “it was not her intent” to promote Hillary for President these past six months – starting in February??TWEET - FINAL1However, THIS Tweet from The Rhode Island Department of Health was taken down right after it was posted because Raimondo will not tolerate the political connotation of the word “INSPIRED” under her ‘Do as I SAY – not as I DO’ hypocritical perverted mindset.  Much like Hillary – Gina feels the rules only apply to others.

Is Gina’s latest brain-fart her new campaign to re-brand Rhode Island from being the most corrupt – to being the most NUTS?

Because…. “IT’S WORKING”!

cooler & warmer logo-Draft 2


Rhode Island state agency deletes political tweet


Something happened in the State of Rhode Island last week that you may not be aware of… over 37,000 of you may have changed the course of Gina Raimondo’s political future – through the “Power of Social Media”

FINAL - Gina ## post final1

 For those who visit Fed Up in RI, we want to thank you for coming, and want you to know that our site is seen by many more than you may think. Whether you participate with comments or take the time to read, we appreciate your interest and value each and every one of your views. That is why, after consideration, we’ve decided to share with you what we see that the public doesn’t, because in this case – the above screen-shot happens to be part of ‘The Rest of the Story’ that took place this past Friday, on July 22nd., when Hillary Clinton announced her selection of Tim Kaine for Vice President, prior to the Democratic National Convention kick off in Philadelphia today.

LAST WEEK FED UP IN RI posted about Gina’s prolific out-of-state hirings that can only be viewed as expensive cronyism, in relation to our state’s high unemployment. We further highlighted in our post above, without mincing words, that her new title of “38th Greatest World Leader” was probably bought and paid for with the spending of additional millions to hire unqualified pals for all sorts of made-up positions – costing Rhode Islanders dearly each and every day. We also showed she’s been busy marketing herself – NOT Rhode Island, using the name of Governor as her calling card with taxpayer’s dollars to fund it, while greasing the palms of so many, from Wall Street and beyond, to ensure a positive light is always spun ‘nationally’ on her at every turn.

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Gina Raimondo’s Governorship of Rhode Island is a Fallacy


Gina Raimondo is one of America’s (Least) Popular Leaders – and Rhode Island is America’s ’50th’ WORST State. Yet nationally she is on the list of the 50 Greatest Leaders in the WORLD! People…Think about that?

Recent polling shows Raimondo is No. 7 among the nation’s most UN-popular governors. Raimondo is scoring just 30.5 percent approval of her performance since taking office. She is topped only by nearby Dan Malloy of Connecticut, whose approval rating is only 29%, and ranked #43 for worst business.

While the survey found the number of voters who disapprove of Raimondo is growing – does anyone else find it ironic – that at the time of her greatest decline in approval ratings — she was miraculously chosen by Fortune Magazine as one of the 50 Greatest World Leaders… for what? Because she’s disliked so much & on her watch R.I. is on Life-Support @ the very bottom??

So, was this a “sham” Title bestowed upon her, in return for taxpayers dollars doled out to her new hires with the right Wall Street connections who made this happen? Damn straight it was – right out of Obama’s playbook – like when he was chosen for the Nobel Peace Prize… for what? – when his ratings plummeted.

** A summary provided by the Department of Administration, showed at least 526 NEW HIRES yielding 6 figure incomes since Governor Raimondo took office in January 2015, and – For the Record: 271 of the new hires are in newly created jobs that did not exist on the state payroll before Raimondo took office. While Rhode Island lost 3,900 jobs in just two months.

All smoke & mirrors. They think the people are stupid – so the least we can do is let them know WE ARE NOT… we see right through it!

Ref: http://www.golocalprov.com/…/ri-gov.-raimondos-approval-rat…

Ref: http://fortune.com/worlds-greatest-leaders/gina-raimondo-38/
Note: FBI, SEC & US Attorney’s Office asked to investigate Raimondo’s pension policies (UPDATED) January 14, 2016 –

Ref: http://www.examiner.com/…/ri-governor-joins-pope-francis-on…

Ref:  http://www.providencejournal.com/news/20160617/ri-economy-3900-jobs-lost-in-last-two-months?__vfz=profile_comment%3D6073300002964

Friends of Gina are being well-served under this embarrassing administration

CARS - 3DONE- LARGE statehouse_FINAL-1

 Gina Raimondo is one of America’s (Least) Popular Leaders – Yet nationally she is on the list of the 50 Greatest Leaders in the WORLD!  38th in the WORLD, People… think about that!

Wanna know what that “commissioned” ranking cost Rhode Islanders?

Over 526 New Government Hires, with six-figure salaries… given to her ‘Yale  connected alumni’ and ‘Wall Street’ Pals!

** A summary provided by the Department of Administration, showed at least 526 NEW HIRES yielding 6 figure incomes since Governor Raimondo took office in January 2015, and – For the Record: 271 of the new hires are in newly created jobs that did not exist on the state payroll before Raimondo took office. While Rhode Island lost 3,900 jobs in just the last two months. See: R.I. Economy: 3,900 jobs lost in last two months

Among all of the nation’s governors, polling shows Raimondo is No. 7 among the nation’s most UN-popular governors, and in a survey taken of more than 66,000 voters from January until early May, 2016, she ranks as the second-worst Democrat in R.I..

Raimondo is scoring just 30.5 percent approval of her performance after 16 months in office. She is topped only by nearby Dan Malloy of Connecticut, whose approval rating is only 29%.

Although the survey found the number of voters who disapprove of Raimondo is growing – does anyone else find it ironic that at the time of her greatest decline in rating approvals — she was miraculously chosen as one of the 50 Greatest World Leaders… for what?

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Zero Hearings FINAL1

Some Last words;

After monitoring and tracking legislation for most of the year – now that the 2016 Legislative Session has finally come to an end, it’s time to stand-down and take a breath, and assess the damage after the dust settles.

Fed Up in RI will be posting less in the coming months, to tend to some important things that were put on hold until now that need our undivided attention, so we apologize ahead of time that our postings will be less frequent during the Summer season. But don’t think that means we won’t be working hard. It only means we’re changing direction that requires our focus, which we will be up-dating and posting as we proceed forward.

So we’d like to take this opportunity to Thank the following for the great jobs they did this past session who served the citizens well, even though the people didn’t know it:

To the girls in Law Revision — A BIG THANK-YOU for all your cooperation in putting up with Fed Up’s calls from the Patio! ☎ ‘Kathy’

To the State Librarians — who were always polite and helpful, especially Tom Evans, with his wealth of knowledge, who we don’t know what R.I. will do without – when he retires!

And last but not least, Fed Up in RI also sincerely THANKS the many Representatives and leadership who listened to our concerns behind the scenes, by refusing their sponsorship and votes in committee hearings – blocking from going forward some of the most dangerous pieces of legislation introduced this session (which will be explained in detail in the near future).

Yes, much of Fed Up’s “Pro-Bono” work is done behind the scenes, in trying to level the playing field ‘For the People’, because sometimes we have to fight fire with fire, and if that makes us lobbyist – so be it.

As we have said before, and we maintain, “Fed Up in RI will be more than happy to register with the Secretary of State as Lobbyists… right after  Michael Corso does – and NOT a minute sooner!!  We’re in receipt of the Secretary’s letters (threats), and we take this position in drawing our line-in-the-sand…. that the game of “Double-Standards” for the politically connected will no longer be tolerated under our watch in Rhode Island. Get it straight.

With that said, we wish everyone a Happy & Safe Summer.  Rhode Island is safer today than we’ve been for awhile –with what we know- it could have been a lot worse, so go create some great memories in this beautiful State of Rhode Island!

Fed Up in RI

Fed Up - 307_n



When votes no longer count – it’s time to withhold them from an ‘unconstitutional government’ that has become ‘illegitimate’!!

Abused emotionally and manipulated economically by a political system who uses its laws to diminish our rights, if not erase them – are significant factors in deliberately fostering a populous full of despair and apathy. We are living in a culture of fear and mistrust, that allows this impunity to reign.

They’ve stolen everything else – now they’re after our votes… at what point do we say, no more, and draw the line in the sand?

The time has come to defect from BOTH PARTIES who’ve hijacked our Country for too long – and tell these Traitors of our Nation, that…”they no longer deserve our VOTES”!

Fed Up in RI

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Fed Up in RI Testimony in Opposition to the appropriation of $12,499,288, Million Dollars for 38 Studios Bond Payment

38_Studios_bond_payments_chart 2011 to_20201Final

Fed Up in RI’s “NOTICE” and Formal Statement in Opposition to H 7454 A

Dear Honorable President of the Senate, M. Teresa Paiva Weed and Senate Representatives,

Please take “NOTICE” that Fed Up in RI stands in firm Opposition to the unconstitutional appropriation of $12,499,288, million dollars at the request of Governor Gina Raimondo for 38 Studios Debt Service contained in H 7454 SUBSTITUTE A AS AMENDED – ARTICLE 1 – RELATING TO MAKING APPROPRIATIONS IN SUPPORT OF FY 2017 ENTITLED, AN ACT MAKING APPROPRIATIONS FOR THE SUPPORT OF THE STATE FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDING JUNE 30, 2017 (incorporated on line 26 of page 3 – and in the technical appendix supporting document to the Governor’s FY 2017 budget proposal).

Fed Up In RI maintains, this misappropriation of public funds is requested under false pretenses in the furtherance of fraud and obstruction of justice to conceal public corruption from being exposed through the use of the “moral obligation” deceptive practice being employed, without voter approval, to extract involuntary waivers of Rights retained by the People through collusion, coercion and unlawful means of compulsion and theft, under the color of law.

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