Friends of Gina are being well-served under this embarrassing administration

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 Gina Raimondo is one of America’s (Least) Popular Leaders – Yet nationally she is on the list of the 50 Greatest Leaders in the WORLD!  38th in the WORLD, People… think about that!

Wanna know what that “commissioned” ranking cost Rhode Islanders?

Over 526 New Government Hires, with six-figure salaries… given to her ‘Yale  connected alumni’ and ‘Wall Street’ Pals!

** A summary provided by the Department of Administration, showed at least 526 NEW HIRES yielding 6 figure incomes since Governor Raimondo took office in January 2015, and – For the Record: 271 of the new hires are in newly created jobs that did not exist on the state payroll before Raimondo took office. While Rhode Island lost 3,900 jobs in just the last two months. See: R.I. Economy: 3,900 jobs lost in last two months

Among all of the nation’s governors, polling shows Raimondo is No. 7 among the nation’s most UN-popular governors, and in a survey taken of more than 66,000 voters from January until early May, 2016, she ranks as the second-worst Democrat in R.I..

Raimondo is scoring just 30.5 percent approval of her performance after 16 months in office. She is topped only by nearby Dan Malloy of Connecticut, whose approval rating is only 29%.

Although the survey found the number of voters who disapprove of Raimondo is growing – does anyone else find it ironic that at the time of her greatest decline in rating approvals — she was miraculously chosen as one of the 50 Greatest World Leaders… for what?

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Zero Hearings FINAL1

Some Last words;

After monitoring and tracking legislation for most of the year – now that the 2016 Legislative Session has finally come to an end, it’s time to stand-down and take a breath, and assess the damage after the dust settles.

Fed Up in RI will be posting less in the coming months, to tend to some important things that were put on hold until now that need our undivided attention, so we apologize ahead of time that our postings will be less frequent during the Summer season. But don’t think that means we won’t be working hard. It only means we’re changing direction that requires our focus, which we will be up-dating and posting as we proceed forward.

So we’d like to take this opportunity to Thank the following for the great jobs they did this past session who served the citizens well, even though the people didn’t know it:

To the girls in Law Revision — A BIG THANK-YOU for all your cooperation in putting up with Fed Up’s calls from the Patio! ☎ ‘Kathy’

To the State Librarians — who were always polite and helpful, especially Tom Evans, with his wealth of knowledge, who we don’t know what R.I. will do without – when he retires!

And last but not least, Fed Up in RI also sincerely THANKS the many Representatives and leadership who listened to our concerns behind the scenes, by refusing their sponsorship and votes in committee hearings – blocking from going forward some of the most dangerous pieces of legislation introduced this session (which will be explained in detail in the near future).

Yes, much of Fed Up’s “Pro-Bono” work is done behind the scenes, in trying to level the playing field ‘For the People’, because sometimes we have to fight fire with fire, and if that makes us lobbyist – so be it.

As we have said before, and we maintain, “Fed Up in RI will be more than happy to register with the Secretary of State as Lobbyists… right after  Michael Corso does – and NOT a minute sooner!!  We’re in receipt of the Secretary’s letters (threats), and we take this position in drawing our line-in-the-sand…. that the game of “Double-Standards” for the politically connected will no longer be tolerated under our watch in Rhode Island. Get it straight.

With that said, we wish everyone a Happy & Safe Summer.  Rhode Island is safer today than we’ve been for awhile –with what we know- it could have been a lot worse, so go create some great memories in this beautiful State of Rhode Island!

Fed Up in RI

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When votes no longer count – it’s time to withhold them from an ‘unconstitutional government’ that has become ‘illegitimate’!!

Abused emotionally and manipulated economically by a political system who uses its laws to diminish our rights, if not erase them – are significant factors in deliberately fostering a populous full of despair and apathy. We are living in a culture of fear and mistrust, that allows this impunity to reign.

They’ve stolen everything else – now they’re after our votes… at what point do we say, no more, and draw the line in the sand?

The time has come to defect from BOTH PARTIES who’ve hijacked our Country for too long – and tell these Traitors of our Nation, that…”they no longer deserve our VOTES”!

Fed Up in RI

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Fed Up in RI Testimony in Opposition to the appropriation of $12,499,288, Million Dollars for 38 Studios Bond Payment

38_Studios_bond_payments_chart 2011 to_20201Final

Fed Up in RI’s “NOTICE” and Formal Statement in Opposition to H 7454 A

Dear Honorable President of the Senate, M. Teresa Paiva Weed and Senate Representatives,

Please take “NOTICE” that Fed Up in RI stands in firm Opposition to the unconstitutional appropriation of $12,499,288, million dollars at the request of Governor Gina Raimondo for 38 Studios Debt Service contained in H 7454 SUBSTITUTE A AS AMENDED – ARTICLE 1 – RELATING TO MAKING APPROPRIATIONS IN SUPPORT OF FY 2017 ENTITLED, AN ACT MAKING APPROPRIATIONS FOR THE SUPPORT OF THE STATE FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDING JUNE 30, 2017 (incorporated on line 26 of page 3 – and in the technical appendix supporting document to the Governor’s FY 2017 budget proposal).

Fed Up In RI maintains, this misappropriation of public funds is requested under false pretenses in the furtherance of fraud and obstruction of justice to conceal public corruption from being exposed through the use of the “moral obligation” deceptive practice being employed, without voter approval, to extract involuntary waivers of Rights retained by the People through collusion, coercion and unlawful means of compulsion and theft, under the color of law.

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“Generally” Speaking…

 Just a few “general” observations leading up to the close of the 2016 “General” Assembly Legislative Session


There are laws and there are rules, and the two should not be confused. Laws are written ‘generally’ – that’s why they call them ‘General’ Laws. Most general laws enacted via legislation require detailed rules to be promulgated in accordance with the newly created law to give it full force and effect. Many read a law and think that’s all there is, forgetting about the rules adopted under it. That’s a big mistake, because that’s where the “devil in the details” exist, and where the real work in researching begins.

When you have legislators proposing Bills who don’t know what the hell they’re doing, and state agencies writing rules who know even less, it’s a recipe for fostering conflicts and perpetual struggles for the lawyers and the courts to unravel the mess. And so goes Rhode Island’s culture of dysfunction, brought to you by our very own “Legislator Loons”, whereas, no one is safe when they are sitting in the asylum on Smith Hill.

Every time you look away, and look back, they are making more and more laws with the swipe of their pens, and trying to get away with more and more unconstitutional rules controlling the fates of our Citizens. Our founders warned us of this… it’s our own fault we haven’t been more diligent.

What’s the point in fearing jail time when the government and our Representatives are already at it, building the jail around the citizenry… law-by-law & rule by rule? Building physical jails brick-by-brick is for amateurs. I’ve never been to jail but I can see the walls moving in quickly around society.

I guess we should be grateful that we have a part-time Legislature, because to date 2,431 Bills have been introduced, and that number would only grow if they sat longer!

Now, although many of these Bills will not pass, it’s disgusting this many were even introduced, considering the new laws are added to the old, that already control and regulate YOU.

Makes you wonder who’s working for who?

So, during this election season when a politician asks you for your vote, please ask them if they know what the word “REPEAL” means? (as in too many unconstitutional and repressive laws) And if they don’t – remind them that you do… it’s called withholding ‘YOUR CONSENT’ as written in the Declaration of Independence!

“Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the ‘CONSENT’ of the governed.”

Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776

Gloria Garvin



Please also visit our Fed Up in RI Website @

Bills sponsored by Rhode Island’s ‘Lawyer Legislators’ at the end of the session

 These companion Bills are a perfect example of

“The Devil in the Details”… Lawyer BillFINAL1

Because, we predict that these Bills will pass and no one will have a clue – except for the sponsors – what the ‘hell’ is in them.

Take a look for yourself. Does anyone really think that the Representatives at the end of the session have the time to read and understand them? Of course not.

These kind of major revisions need a study commission to surgically assess their intent and possible consequences.

That’s why the “Raimondo Administration” who requested these sweeping changes to the State’s ‘Administrative Procedures’ – were held for passage at the very end of the session – after the House and Senate (48 hr. Notice) rules were suspended!

6-15-16  ~ UPDATE ~   Just as we predicted…

Admin Bill FINAL ONE


Governor Chafee May 21 EDC meetingFINAL 2

 On May 21st, 2012, the day the Governor and the EDC met with Curt Schilling to vote on the issuance of an additional $14.3 million of “PRE-APPROVED” motion picture tax credits for 38 Studios, Grant Garvin intervened to stop the approval with the following email sent to Governor Chafee and all EDC members, including the Senate President and the House Speaker.

After receiving confirmation from the Governor’s office confirming their receipt of this email, and prior to the scheduled 5 p.m. EDC meeting, the Governor’s Chief of Staff was personally informed by Garvin, “that if the Governor went forward, in his dual capacity as Governor and Chairman of the EDC and issued the Tax Credits to Curt Schilling, contrary to R.I.Gen. Laws,  Garvin would immediately proceed with the filing of a Petition for the Governor’s recall for violations of the duties of his office.”

* As we all know, the Tax Credits were not issued that evening nor thereafter, pushing the first domino to fall.

* note:  Upon taking this bold action, the full contents of the following email was cc’d to local TV, radio, and print media via Press Releases that were never reported on, along with no coverage of a lengthy 3 hour meeting at the request of political reporter Bill Rappleye of NBC 10 News with Grant Garvin that took place at Garvin’s office prior to the scheduled EDC meeting regarding his actions putting the Governor on notice ‘that Curt Schilling was NOT eligible for the $14.3 million of  R.I. film tax credits’… that had been (illegally)  ‘PRE-APPROVED’.

Tax credits DONE 2

——– Original Message ——–

Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 13:06:37 -0400
From: Grant Garvin
Subject: 38 Studios, LLC may not be eligible for ‘Motion Picture Production Tax Credits’ under RI General Laws

Due to the recent events surrounding the potential 38 Studios default, I have been doing some cursory research involving the eligibility of the company to apply for motion picture tax credits.   If what I see is indeed correct, under RI law, they may be ineligible for these credits due to the company clearly being a Delaware registered operation, which is not in accordance with the existing tax credit law.

A summary of my basic legal research is below.   I thought that it may be of interest, in light of the impending outcome of this very public situation that is of great importance to the integrity our State.

Thank you for your time,
Grant Garvin

38 Studios, LLC is formed under the Laws of Delaware.

State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
Office of the Secretary of State
Division Of Business Services
148 W. River Street
Providence RI 02904-2615
(401) 222-3040

38 Studios, LLC Summary Screen

Help with this form
The exact name of the Foreign Limited Liability Company: 38 Studios, LLC
Entity Type:  Foreign Limited Liability Company
Identification Number: 000550886
Date of Registration in Rhode Island:  09/10/2010
The Foreign Limited Liability Company is organized under the laws of:   State: DE    Country: USA
The location of its principal office:

No. and Street:  C/O NRAI AGENTS LLC
City or Town: DOVER State: DE   Zip: 19904 Country: USA
The mailing address or specified office:

No. and Street:  1 EMPIRE PLAZA
City or Town: PROVIDENCE State: RI   Zip: 02903 Country: USA
Agent Resigned:  N Address Maintained:  Y
The name and address of the Registered Agent:

No. and Street:  10 WEYBOSSET STREET
City or Town: PROVIDENCE State: RI   Zip: 02903
The limited liability company is to be managed by its   Managers

The name and business address of each manager:


Title Individual Name
First, Middle, Last, Suffix
Address, City or Town, State, Zip Code, Country


Video Game Development


Select a type of filing from below to view this business entity filings:
Click Here to access 2006 and 2007 annual reports filed and imaged prior to July 25, 2007. Identification Number is Required
© 2007 – 2012 State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
All Rights Reserved

38 Studios, LLC is a Foreign Limited Liability Company organized under the laws of DELAWARE.

All they possess is a “Certificate of  Registration to transact business in the State of Rhode Island”. Filing #201067077710    Date: 09/10/2010 10:36 AM

Therefore, Under Rhode Island Gen. Law
and the

State of Rhode Island – Division of Taxation

38 Studios, LLC does not meet the requirements to apply for R.I. ‘Motion Picture Production Tax Credits’.

Because under R.I.G.L. they were not “formed under the laws of the state of Rhode Island”
*** Please see relevant sections of R.I.G.L. and R.I. Div. of Taxation Regulations below:


CHAPTER 44-31.2
Motion Picture Production Tax Credits

SECTION 44-31.2-2

   § 44-31.2-2  Definitions. – For the purposes of this chapter:

   (3) “Domiciled in Rhode Island” means a corporation incorporated in Rhode Island or a partnership, limited liability company, or other business entity formed under the laws of the state of Rhode Island for the purpose of producing motion pictures as defined in this section, or an individual who is a domiciled resident of the state of Rhode Island as defined in chapter 30 of this title.


State of Rhode Island – Division of Taxation

Motion Picture Production Company Tax Credits

Regulation CR 09-01

Certification of Motion Picture Production Company Tax Credits







F.             “Applicant” means a motion picture production company, which is a corporation, partnership, limited partnership, or other entity or individual, submitting an application to the Film Office for initial or final certification of a production.

L.        “Domiciled in Rhode Island” means a corporation incorporated in Rhode Island or a partnership, limited liability company, or other business entity formed under the laws of the State of Rhode Island for the purpose of producing motion pictures, or an individual who is a domiciled resident of Rhode Island as defined in the Rhode Island General Laws Section 44-30.  Such individual, corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or other entity, is subject to the General Laws of the State of Rhode Island including, but not limited to, Chapters 44-11, 44-12 and 44-30.

R.        Motion picture” means feature-length film, video, video game, television series, or commercial made in Rhode Island, in whole or in part, for theatrical or television viewing or as a television pilot. Motion picture shall not include the production of television coverage of news or athletic events, nor shall it apply to any film, video, television series or commercial or production for which records are required under Section 2257 of Title 18, U.S.C., to be maintained with respect to any performer in such production or reporting of books, films, etc. with respect to sexually explicit conduct.

S.        “Motion Picture Production Company” means a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or other business entity, domiciled in Rhode Island, and engaged in the business of producing one or more motion pictures. Generally, the motion picture production company controls the state certified motion picture during production and is responsible for payment of the direct production expenses (including pre- and post-production), and is a signatory to the state certified motion picture’s contracts with its payroll company and facility operators. Motion picture production company shall not mean or include:

  (a)    any company owned, affiliated, or controlled, in whole or in part by any company or person which is in default (i) on taxes owed to the state; or (ii) on a loan made by the state; or (iii) a loan guaranteed by the state; or,

(b)    any company or person who has ever declared bankruptcy under which an obligation of the company or person to pay or repay public funds or monies was discharged as a part of such bankruptcy.

AA.   “State Certified Production” means a motion picture production approved by the Rhode Island Film & Television Office and produced by a motion picture production company domiciled in Rhode Island, whether or not such company owns or controls the copyright and distribution rights in the motion picture; provided that such company has either: (a) signed a viable distribution plan; or (b) is producing the motion picture for: (i) a major motion picture distributor; (ii) a major theatrical exhibitor; (iii) a television network; or (iv) a cable television programmer. Additionally, the production must be produced with the motion picture’s “primary locations” being filmed within the State of Rhode Island and with a “total production budget” of a minimum of three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000).

RULE 7.1     PRIORITY  AND ALLOCATION OF CREDITS(1) Section 44-31.2-5 of the Rhode Island General Laws,  as amended,  provides that for any tax year beginning after December 31, 2007, no more than fifteen million dollars ($15,000,000) in motion picture production company tax credits  may be issued, in any calendar year.    Prior to this amendment, no such limitation was in effect.

(2) Because the amended section does not set forth how this limitation would be implemented and because the Applications for Credit Certification could exceed the total amount of $15,000,000 during any calendar year, it is necessary for the Film Office and the Tax Division to promulgate a rule and regulation pursuant to the authority contained in Section 44-31.


EDC May 21 SchillingFINAL2


‘NO ONE in the Government or the media has ever asked the right question. The one that should have been asked the day we notified the Governor… because there is so much more they would rather not be known.’

It was state sponsored corruption at the highest levels, and the only way to move forward is to hold those accountable who were responsible!



While the public is demanding accountability & transparency – R.I. House Majority Whip introduces Bill to eliminate over-site and public scrutiny


 Fed Up in RI’s “NOTICE”
and Formal Statement in Opposition to:
House Bill No. 8293

Introduced by Representative John G. Edwards
House Majority Whip, (D) District 70 in Portsmouth and Tiverton.

Dear Honorable Chairman, House Judiciary Committee Members, and House of Representatives,

Please take “NOTICE” that Fed Up in RI stands in firm Opposition to House Bill No. 8293— and we hereby reserve all our constitutionally protected Rights by withholding our consent at this time for good cause to the passage of H-8293, and any accompanying Amendments, Joint Resolutions, and/or corresponding enactments pursuant thereto.

This proposed Bill would add the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority to the growing list of state agencies and/or entities exempt from the provisions under R.I.G.L. Chapter 42-35 entitled “Administrative Procedures” for “Any and all acts, decisions, findings, or determinations made by the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority and to any and all procedures or hearings before said agency under the provisions of §24-12-37 concerning review of the assessment of tolls and administrative fees.”

By purposely eliminating over-site and scrutiny of the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority’s actions from ALL administrative and judicial review, makes this ‘UNELECTED’ Board of (4) who are NOT answerable to the People ‘EXTREMELY DANGEROUS’ AND HIGHLY SUSPECT, especially when the actions of the turnpike and bridge authority involve projects adopted under the overly-broad category of “public policy and public interest”.

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The Cool Moose Party mourns the death of it’s Founder

Bob - wallpaper1

It is with broken hearts and profound sadness that we acknowledge the sudden and unexpected death of our comrade and beloved Founder of the Cool Moose Party, Bob Healey.

Words can neither describe our great loss and sorrow, nor our love and respect for all that he was and gave to us. Losing our Visionary Leader so suddenly has been shocking – as it is so hard and so painful to think that he has left us. We can only take some solace in that our dear friend passed away the way he would have chosen, peacefully in his sleep this past Sunday, on March 20th, 2016.

We have not only lost our leader, but many of us have also lost our cherished friend and ally.

We are forever thankful for his vision, his profound sense of justice, his belief in human dignity and possibility in all circumstances. He was a man whose head and heart were directed at promoting the betterment of others. An honest, caring man who made a difference, who propelled us to follow his example and act on our convictions.

Fearless in his deeds and his words, Bob accomplished more in his too-short life than others accomplish over a full lifetime. On one hand that intensifies our sadness over his loss, knowing how much more of an impact he could have had, but on the other hand at least we can take some solace in marveling at and taking inspiration from what he was able to do for so many during his life’s journey. There were so many people Bob positively affected in his lifetime.

A genuine, kind, and inclusive person with a great sense of humor and an incredible mind, Bob lived life with purpose – who endured with a spirit, a perseverance, and strength that helped those of us around him to be equally confident. His ability to speak his truth, regardless of who listened, is a lesson to be learned. Perhaps, the best word to describe Bob Healey is – courageous.

Bob never backed down from a fight and challenged anyone who tried to stop him, and he empowered those around him to do the same. Bob changed lives forever. To be able to reach out and touch so many peoples life’s in so many different ways and to do so without seeking might, nor power. It was no castle of dreams he was trying to build, but a solid edifice fashioned, brick by brick, of trust among people, of inspiration and enthusiasm and self-confidence. To dare, (even against all odds), to put it quite simply – to make a difference for the better. But, even the mightiest and bravest of men do pass away, tired and weary of fighting. We just wish Bob could have witnessed, that more people understood this before he left us.

But, even as we mourn, we are confident that the depth of his spirit and memory will live on – the greatest legacy a leader can leave, because “To do that which is of value is forever. A person called forth by his work does not die for his name is raised and remembered because of it.” And so it is and will be for The Cool Moose, Robert J. Healey Jr., who would not, could not, and did not sit down while the struggle continued. His work and his life will remain our inspiration as we live unapologetically true to our convictions. He would expect no less.

We have been truly blessed by our association that spanned for over 20 years and for the special times we were able to spend together. There are so many things we will miss. His keen mind, big heart and undeniable faith in humanity. His creativity, honesty, generosity, and work ethic. His straightforward style and love for the truth. We will miss his biting wit, his single minded focus, and the knowledge and guidance he always provided. But most of all, what we really will miss – is the Bob Healey so few got to know… beyond the hair.

God has your back now our friend. May your Memory be a Blessing that guides us through these uncertain times and these awesome endeavors before us.

Rest in Peace, brother Warrior. We’ll keep going, but the journey’s going to be less fun without you.

Forever loved and remembered ∞
The Cool Moose Party