Fed Up In RI Press Release, October 31, 2014

For Immediate Release
From: Fed Up in RI

Friday, October 31, 2014
Contact: Gloria Garvin

Was Patrick A. Sweeney, Allan Fung’s campaign manager, unregistered lobbyist for 38 Studio’s $75 million dollar loan when he worked for Governor Carcieri?

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Today, Gloria Garvin, founder of Fed Up in RI asked Mayor Allan Fung’s Campaign to confirm or deny if Gubernatorial candidate, Allan Fung is aware that his campaign manager – Patrick A. Sweeney, worked for then Governor Carcieri at the very same time period that 38 Studios legislation was being secretly rushed through the Rhode Island General Assembly as a Jobs Bill?

Gubernatorial candidate, Allan Fung, has spent upwards of $1 million on TV ads highlighting Gina Raimondo’s rehiring of a financial services firm being sued in the 38 Studios deal. Although Fed Up In RI shares in his contentions, what Fung fails to also reveal is that his own campaign manager – Patrick A. Sweeney may have been involved in securing the $75 million given to 38 Studios and Curt Schilling when he was hired by then Governor Donald Carcieri in 2010 as a policy analyst for only 3 months – ironically the same three months when the controversial 38 Studio’s legislation was placed into the budget by Don Carcieri – heard and passed by the Finance Committee – quickly introduced as a Jobs Bill and passed by the General Assembly – and then signed into law by the Governor which made the 38 Studio’s deal possible.

On its face, this wouldn’t raise any eyebrows, but the interesting thing is that Patrick A. Sweeney’s employment started almost exactly when the Jobs Guarantee Bill was created and ended when the Bill was passed and signed into law by Carcieri.

Fed Up In RI questions why Sweeney was hired by Carcieri? Was it to be a lobbyist for the 38 Studio’s deal without having to register as a lobbyist?

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