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Fed Up in RI’s response to John Loughlin’s answer regarding our reasons for rejecting his proposal to the Governor.

In trying to keep a complex issue as simple as possible, I leave the facts to speak for themselves in offering the following. Whether they do or not… is for you to decide.

John Loughlin stated, ”There were basically two votes in the House on 38 Studios when I was there. The first took place when the expanded loan guarantee was bundled into he supplemental budget.” “I voted against the supplemental which contained that provision.”

When the Legislative Records on file with the RI State House reflect otherwise; showing that John Loughlin voted in the affirmative FOR Article 7 in the Supplemental budget .

House Bill H-7105 Sub A as amended —
2010 Vote on $125 Million EDC Job Guarantee Loan Program
(encompassed the $75 million loan to 38 Studios)
“Supplemental budget vote – Article 7 – EDC
The RIEDC is hereby empowered and authorized pursuant to chapter 18, title 35 of the general laws, and notwithstanding any provisions of chapter 64, title 42 of the general laws to the contrary, to create the corporation’s Job Creation guaranty Program and guarantee annual debt service or issue bonds up to an aggregate guaranty or bond obligations of the corporation with respect to the program not to exceed one hundred twenty five million dollars in the aggregate;
Final Vote
Yeas – 66: Ajello, Almeida, Azzinaro, Baldelli-Hunt, Brien, Caprio, Carnevale, Carter, Coderre, Corvese, Costantino, DaSilva, Diaz, Edwards, Fellela, Ferri, Fierro, Flaherty, Gablinske, Gallison, Gemma, Giannini, Guthrie, Handy, Hearn, Jackson, Kennedy, Kilmartin, Lally, Loughlin, MacBeth, Malik, Marcello, Martin, Mattiello, McCauley, McNamara, Melo, Menard, Messier, Murphy, Naughton, O’Neill, Pacheco, Palumbo, Petrarca, Pollard, Rice,A., Rice, M., Ruggiero, San Bento, Savage, Schadone, Segal, Shallcross, Silva, Slater, Sullivan, Trillo, Vaudreuil, Walsh, Wasylyk, Williams, Williamson, Winfield.
Nays – 6: Driver, Ehrhardt, Jacquard, Lima, Newberry, Watson.
*Reference: April 13, 2010 – House Journal – pg.43

John Loughlin further stated, “The second vote was on a stand-alone for the expanded loan guarantee. I was counted present that day, but did leave the chamber before that vote was taken.”

When the Legislative Records reflect otherwise; showing that John Loughlin was counted as being ‘absent’ at roll call on May 25th, 2010 when the stand-alone House Bill 8158 as Amended was voted on by the House, and according to the House Journals, was also ‘absent’ for all other legislative matters that day.

The Journals further reflect, that he was also counted ‘absent’ the following day, on May 26th, 2010. The Journals reflect that he returned to his legislative duties on the 27th, when the House chamber had concluded it’s business on this most important and controversial bill, and it’s sister bill S-2923 Sub A was scheduled to be heard over in the Senate.

*Reference: May 25th, 2010 – May 27th, 2010 – House Journals

John Loughlin stated, “To put my contact with Mr. Schilling in context, in 2009 I was running against the “crown prince” of the Kennedy dynasty, Congressman Patrick Kennedy.”

When the Campaign Records and Media reporting reflect otherwise; showing that John Loughlin announced his congressional candidacy in Feb 2010 (not 2009) against Congressman Patrick Kennedy – and it was at the end of the “2010” legislative session, in June, 2010 that he announced he would not run for another General Assembly term.

Feb 5, 2010 Loughlin enters race against Congressman Patrick Kennedy
It’s official. John Loughlin is looking to make the jump from the Statehouse to Washington, D.C.

John J. Loughlin, Jr. Republican member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives, representing the 71st District from 2005 to 2010. During the 2009-2010 sessions he served on the Hose Committees on Labor and Veterans Affairs, and he also served as minority whip.[1] In June, 2010 he announced that he would not run for another term and that he would be running for U.S. Congress in the First Congressional seat being vacated by Patrick J. Kennedy. He lost in the 2010 General elections to outgoing Providence Mayor David Cicilline.[2],_Jr.

John Loughlin stated, “I then reached out to my friend to see if he could be helpful in connecting Curt with venture capitalists that he knew. These are firms that make a living investing in the video game industry and each of them thought that Schilling’s company was a bad risk. Had the state EDC checked with any legitimate venture cap company they would have gotten the same assessment, possibly discouraging an investment by the state.“

When according to John’s own words on his WPRO Radio show on Saturday, 8/22/15, John announced that he had notified Gov. Donald Carcieri (in the hallway) that the venture capitalists thought that Schilling’s company was a bad risk, and whereas the Governor at the time was also Chair of the EDC Board– the Head of the EDC had been notified.

John Loughlin stated, “To your second point regarding a mystery partner, I think I can easily clear that up as well. First of all the term “partner” implies a business relationship. I did not then, nor have I ever had any sort of business relationship with this individual.

When just prior to the RI Superior Court releasing the 38 Studio depositions, John Loughlin, former State Representative, talk radio host and film producer/Actor, announced on his Saturday WPRO radio show, 8/22/15, ‘a previously undisclosed relationship that he and his partner, (who he chooses to keep confidential), had with Curt Schilling in 2010 – in helping to introduce Schilling to possible investors prior to the enactment of the $125 million Loan Guarantee Program.’

John currently owns and operates Media-Rite LLC, a television, radio and film production company. Media-Rite produces both corporate industrial productions as well as television commercials for a wide range of local and national clients.

*Note: Former Representative Loughlin voluntarily rescued himself from voting on the Film and Tax Credit legislation that added ‘video games’ to the list for eligible tax credits.

Finally, being that nothing is what it really is in Rhode Island, I can’t help but wonder if John Loughlin’s proposal to the Governor to appoint Brendan Doherty to Chair an independent review of 38 Studios, with he as the communications director for the committee, was without any political motivations? Loughlin, who admitted having first hand knowledge that 38 Studios was considered by highly respectable investment firms to be a very bad deal, still voted for it, and protected his political capital when being MIA, while Doherty, who ran his congressional campaign on the platform of fighting waste & fraud – remained silent?

So, what might the real brain child of his proposed pairing be? Republican House Minority Leader Brian Newberry might have the answer… because Newberry has suggested that, ‘Doherty run as a Republican candidate in Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District against incumbent Democrat James Langevin, and let Loughlin who is itching for a rematch with Cicilline run for the Congressional District 1 seat simultaneously, averting any possible GOP primary between Loughlin and Doherty.’ ~ Valha, a match made in GOP Heaven?

“Legally, it doesn’t make any difference” which state district you live in when running for Congress.
— Brian Newberry on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 in a television interview

Now, over 5 years later, Mr. Loughlin has no shortage of theories about how this all happened, but fails to include why, after he announced in Feb. 2010 that he would be running for U.S. Congress in the First Congressional District – he remained politically silent by his conspicuous absence when his voice was needed most. And why, prior to announcing that he would not run for another General Assembly term, did he vote for the $125 Million EDC Job Guarantee Loan Program that he admitted from the start he knew was a bad risk.

It’s obvious John Loughlin’s arguments were tailored to play well with the public in trying to put the best public face on it, however, when compared with the facts, they give little answers, relevance, and in some cases even confuse and make no sense.

Our state can’t afford any more of this ‘eyes-wide-shut’ politeness or never-mind ‘selective amnesia’, and why Fed Up in RI brings forth facts and issues no one else is willing, because that’s what kind of new consciousness and clarity it’s going to take to see through it… before change is possible.

Gloria Garvin
Fed Up in RI